If You Really Cared

Carter is a 17 yr. old girl. She has been bullied by 5 boys for years. She has no idea why... Her abusive dad and best friend/little sister have just died. Her mom kills herself over it. All in one day, Carters life is changed forever...

***(the boys are NOT famous in this story... their each around he ages of 16-18...)***


16. Chapter 13

Louis's POV

"So I heard this all started this morning when one of the boys called you on your cell phone..." the police officer started. I could tell she didn't want to talk about it, her head was once again buried into my chest, her arms hooked around me, my hand gently rubbing her back. "Yea." she stated but didn't turn to face him.

"Was anyone there? To witness it or was it just you?" he asked. "She turned and pointed to Harry.

"Yea, I was there." he said. "And what did you hear?" he asked now looking at Harry. "Umm, there was a lot of cursing, and he told her what time to be home, and that they had something planned." he answered looking to the ground.

"Ok... We can go with that." the officer said. "And what about the boy Aaron... what exactly happened when he died?" the officer blankly asked. Before anyone had a chance to say anything else Carter head was turned back into chest again and her tears began to slowly fall.

"Dear, I need you to answer these questions..." the officer still kept a straight face. "C'mon, I mean the boy did just die right in front of her eyes." I said playing with her hair.

"So why do you think they did this to you'll?" he asked. "Because their bitches." she said still sobbing into my shoulder. Liam laughed at her answer, it was sortv funny, the officer was probably looking for a deep thought answer.

"Who was the worst?" he asked. "Jacob." she answered still keeping her head in my chest. "And that's the one that got away right?" he asked. "He got away?" her head shot to face him. "Uhh, yes but our people are on the job.

She sighed and turned her head facing Harry and leaned on my chest.

"What did you hear?" he asked looking to Liam. "Uhh, well I we got here after he did but I heard a lot of stuff like hollering, punching, cursing.

"Did you hear the gun shot?" he asked. "Yes." "And what did you hear next?" he asked. "Carter's scream." Liam looked at Carter and she buried her face in my chest once again.

"I heard Carter scream and then Aaron shouted that he loved her and yea..." Harry answered the question too.

"Ok I think we have enough for now... you boys need to get on home." he said standing up. I did too, Carter still in my arms. "Put her down lad." Carter held tighter. "NO." she answered and wrapped her legs around my waist.

"We're having a therapist come in, he'll be staying with you, making sure you eat, homeschooling you, keeping you away from self harm,..." he started. "Wait homeschooling?" Niall walked up behind us.

"Yes, I'm so sorry but this will be the last time in about five months you will see Carter." the police stated. "You need someone to talk about your feelings to." this made Carter grab my neck tighter and I felt tears trickle down my back.

"I have Louis, and the boys." she said but still kept her face buried in my shoulder. Niall rubbed her back.

"I'm sorry sweetie." he said but his face was blank, he didn't mean it. "Look, you cant tell her to stay in this house for five months." Harry stated rudely. "Yea, she has a say in this!" Liam added. "What do you want Carter?" Niall looked at her with sympathetic eyes.

"I want to stay with you'll and my brother." she said turning to face him.

"How is her brother?" I asked. "We don't know, he went to the hospital. You'll may go see him, but Carter cant. We don't want to create any emotional drama." he stated.

"WHAT?! You cant tell me I don't get to see my brother!" she screamed. "I'm not staying here." she said. Liam walked away.

"C'mon you seriously think this is going to help her? She needs someone she can really trust, she needs friends, she needs her brother, she needs this and your going to make her stay in this place, no friends, just one person she's never  even met." Harry argued.

"Look..." Liam said walking back over and Zayn followed. "I just got off the phone with Louis's mom she said it would be perfectly fine If Carter wanted to stay with us in their house for as long as she needed." he said. "Thanks Liam!" she smiled and faced the officer.

"Ok... fine but if we check up on her and self harm, or depression is still going on, she will go to rehab." the officer said his expression hadn't changed once.

"Yes sir!" I answered. "And..." he paused. "We still have to let a therapist come in and talk to her about her past and present..." a lady came through and spoke.

"You boys may go with her, but you must silently along her wall and don't say a word..." she warned and we all nodded. "Louis you may carry Carter up to her room. I want her laying on the bed, you boys against the wall, NO WORDS!" she warned us again and again we all nodded. "The therapist will be there in three minutes." she added.

I turned and walked Carter up the stairs. "Louis..." she whispered to me. "Yea?" I asked in a regular voice. "I don't want therapy..." she sighed. "It will be over soon, Ill be right there ok? Just say my name and Ill come to your bed." I whispered this time and rubbed her back gently. I led the boys into her room, they all sat quietly against the wall, I walked to Carters bed, and sat down.

"Carter, you can let go now..." I said. "I really don't want to do this!" she began crying. "I don't want them to know everything about me..." she looked down. "Heyy, shhhh." I rubbed her cheek with the back of my hand gently. "Its either this or five months with no one but therapy..." I calmed her.

Her arms slid off my neck, and she laid there. I staid beside her until the therapist came. The therapist and police officer walked in and I felt her hand wrap tightly around mine.

"Shhh... I got to go, but just say my name if you need me." I leaned down and kissed her softly on the forehead. She let go of my hand. The officer sat down a chair and the therapist sat in it right beside her bed. The officer left and Carter looked to us, we were sitting on the opposite wall facing the therapist.

"Ok dear... lets start from when you were little..." the therapist spoke in a deep voice. It was a male and he looked around sixty. If this was the therapist they were going to leave her with... I quit thinking that and went back to paying attention.


T- "Ok, so when you were born your mother was seventeen years old. You went up for adoption and staid with your adopted parents for two years. When you were six years old your parents divorced... You staid with your dad for three years. When you were nine he became an addict, leading to you moving back in with your mom..." he read from a clipboard.

Liam's POV

Carter laid there staring at the ceiling as the therapist read to us her life story... it was pretty creepy to think about how they knew all this...

T-" it was you, your mom, and your brother Kyle, who your mom had at only the age of fourteen. Only a month later your moms boyfriend... Joseph moved in. They weren't married but they spoke of it a lot. Two years later you'll found out your mom was pregnant. They got married and she had the baby... Lizzy. After this your dad became very abusive to you." he paused. "For a year he called you names, and never spoke to you. When you turned twelve he beat you." the therapist looked at us and we all stared straight ahead. "Is all of this true?"

C- "Yes..." she sighed.

T- "Good. At the age of thirteen you began being bullied at school..."

C- "yea..." Carter responded.

T- "This led to you attempting suicide on your fourteenth birthday." I felt bad knowing that I started bullying her then. "You failed and went into rehab for three weeks. When you got home your dad tried to rape you but your uncle was there... When your were fourteen your dad beat you enough to put you in the hospital for two weeks. You went back to school and got beaten up again causing you to have to go to the hospital again. You refused to tell us the names of your bullies..." Carter looked to us. "True?"


T- "On your fifteenth birthday you were raped in a alley, after your boyfriend had broken up with you, he beat you up, and you were trying to get home. Three boys raped you and you were found the next day and taken to the hospital. A month later you found you were pregnant to one of those three boys..." True?"

C- she looked at us, we were all gobsmacked, she looked to the therapist, and he nodded, she quickly looked back to us. "Yea..." she stared down to her feet.

T- "Well... your dad found out and forced you to have an abortion." I sighed in relief. "You didnt." What?! I thought.

C- "true..."

T- "you had a miscarriage. When you went back to school you were beaten and cut, the coach found you passed out and you were rushed to the hospital. You were there for a week and refused to go back to school. You had police drive you and you were beaten again. Your mom called the police and again you refused to tell us their names. Leading this year." "You have been in the emergency room once from a beating at school, and you have been raped but not pregnant." "Your dad and Lizzy died in a car accident..." tears fell down Carters face. "After the car it a gas truck and blew up. Your dad was found burnt up about 20 yards away from the scene. Lizzy still has not been found."

C- "L-Louis...." she creid and Lou jumped up. He sat on the bed beside her and she squeezed his hand.

T- "anywise... two weeks later you were beaten again at school badly... and that same day your mom committed suicide because the pain was too much for her. Last night you were beaten and raped... leading to tonight. You were physically, sexually, and mentally abused. Your friend Aaron was killed," I noticed she squeezed to Louis's hand and her tears fell faster. "Your brother was shot in the leg but he is doing fine. He will have surgery..." he looked at his watch. "Well... it started three minutes ago but the treatments that they gave him he responded to fine." Carter smiled.

C- "thanks.." she said.

T- "oh there is one more thing... the bra and underwear they made you put on... we need it for evidence and were told it had Aaron's blood on it, we need to help with that too."

Carter sat up and Louis helped her stand. She held her hurt thigh in the air and Louis helped her to the restroom. She came back out holding the bra and underwear. They were black but had red blood stains on them.

"Thank you..." the therapist thanked them. "Your welcome..." Carter replied. Louis picked her up bridal style and walked down the steps and we followed.

I had never realized how hard and painful Carter's life had been... It seems like it never stopped.



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