If You Really Cared

Carter is a 17 yr. old girl. She has been bullied by 5 boys for years. She has no idea why... Her abusive dad and best friend/little sister have just died. Her mom kills herself over it. All in one day, Carters life is changed forever...

***(the boys are NOT famous in this story... their each around he ages of 16-18...)***


14. Chapter 11

Louis's POV

I didnt know what to do... I heard saying to beat her up. They meant Carter, she was the only girl. I heard her scream for her brother. Niall was crying, we couldn't see in but we heard everything. I hugged him, he was like my little brother, and I knew exactly how he felt. Harry was staring to the ground and Zayn was looking at the door. Liam was helping me comfort Niall. 

"NO! CARTER ANNE JAMES! I LOVE YOU!" I heard Aaron's voice, then...

Carters POV

"NO! CARTER ANNE JAMES! I LOVE YOU!" Aaron shouted at me. I smiled...then heard the bullet shoot. 

"Ahhhh!" I screamed! The bullet hit, Aaron fell, he had blood covering his chest, I heard his heavy breathing, I fell to the ground. "NOOOO! AHHHHH!" I screamed. I laid my hand on his chest, I picked it up it was covered in blood. "WWWHHHYYY?!?!?!?" I screamed. "I love..." he whispered but never finished... "HES DEAD!!!!" I hollered. I pulled him to me and hugged him. I felt the blood on my stomach and arms. I didn't care... They killed him! 

"GET UP!" Jacob pulled me up. "NOOO! PLEASE!!!!! AARON!!!! NOO!" I screamed tears literally pouring from my eyes. "GET KYLE!" Jacob screamed. "NOOO! PLEAE DONT!" I screamed in tears. "Don't worry if he obeys he wont die..." Jacob smirked. Micheal threw Kyle and he hit me. I felt his arms wrap around me. I used the time we had... "I promise..." I whispered and he nodded at me. "I love you." he mouthed to me. 

"ARE YOU A SLUT?!" Micheal screamed in my face. "NO!" I answered. "ARE YOU ENOUGH OF A WHORE TO LET YOUR BROTHER FUCK YOU?!?!" Micheal words slurred in my face. "NO!" I screamed at him. He slapped me across the face. I looked don and realized I had Aarons blood covering my body. "IM NOT DOING THAT TO MY SISTER!" Kyle said and got punched in the stomach.

Liams POV

"ARE YOU A WHORE ENOUGH TO LET YOUR BROTHER FUCK YOU?!?!" a boy shouted at Carter. I looked to Niall he had tears falling from his eyes, I hugged him. "IM NOT SOING THAT TO MY SISTER!" I heard Kyle say. "GRIND ON KYLE!" the guys voice shouted. 

"I'm calling the police..." Zayn spoke up. "They already killed someone..." he added and dialed into his phone and pressed it to his ear. He talked for some seconds and hung up. The door flew open. 

"We have visitors..." a guy said standing in the doorway. Another boy ran out before we could run... they grabbed us and led us inside. I went inside and looked to my left. Sure enough, there was a dead body on the floor, and carter and kyle at the end of the room.

Nialls POV

Micheal grabbed my and Louis's arm leading us into Carters house. I saw Aaron's dead body on the floor, he had blood covering his chest. I looked to Kyle and Carter. Carter was in a black  bra and underwear. She had blood covering her stomach, and right arm, tears streaming down her face, and mascara stained her cheeks. Micheal threw me to the floor beside Harry. 

"This is nice! A family reunion!" Jacob smirked. "Well I'm Jacob and thats Micheal!" he pointed to Micheal beside Kyle and Carter. He grabbed Carter from Kyle's arms. 

"KYLE!" she shouted. "SHUT UP!" Micheal shouted and kicked her to the the ground, she hit Aaron... She latched to his body. "GET UP!" Micheal shouted at her. He kicked her in the stomach, tears started falling faster. She stood up and he grabbed her wrist! "AHHHHH!" her scream came out. "YOU A CUTTER?!?!" he screamed at her. She turned her head. HE slapped her leaving a red handprint on the side of her face. "ANSWER!" "NO!" she answered. "LYING BITCH!" he hollered and kneed her in the stomach. "ARE YOU A CUTTER?!" he screamed at her again. "YES!" she hollered. He picked her up and threw her to the ground. She crawled to Kyle. He hugged her and looked at us. 

Harrys POV

I felt so bad for Carter but at the same time I felt bad for me... I could die tonight. 

"UP!" Jacob yanked Kyle up. He punched him and tied him to a couch. Micheal grabbed Carter up and held her tied arms behind her. Jacob pulled out a gun and pointed it at Kyle!

"NOOOOOOO! PLEASE!!!! KYLE!!!! NOOOOO!" Carter screamed and screamed tears falling from her cheeks and hitting the rug. "GOD NO! PLEASE! ILL DO ANYTHING! DONT KILL HIM! PLEASE?!!?!" she kept screaming. Her small figure struggling to free herself from Micheal. 

"You know what you'll have to do!" Jacob said pulling the gun away from Kyle. Micheal dropped her and came towards us. "Choose one" Jacob shouted at him. He looked at Zayn the to Niall then his eyes landed on me. I closed my eyes, I felt his cold hand on m arm, I stood up slowly and he pulled me to them. He stood me there. 

"Which one will die?" Jacob asked. I knew she would pick me. "ME!" she shouted. "I-i'll go away with y-you, you can b-beat me up-p, ill be y-your sex s-slave, you can have-e me..." she shook as she said this. "just, please don't kill anyone?!" she looked at Jacob and back to Micheal. She glanced at me but looked away quickly. 

"Ughhh!" she hollered as she hit the ground from Micheal punching her in the stomach. 

"You can choose one of them not these two" he motioned to me and kyle... he meant we'd both die. "one of them lives, everyone else dies!" Jacob shouted.

"NOOO!" she screamed. "NASTY SLUT! DIE IN HELL!" Micheal screamed and threw her to the ground. He stomped on her thigh. Jacob then threw a punch and hit me in the nose. I felt the blood pouring down. 

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" her scream echoed through the house, her hands were tied behind her back... she couldnt touch it. He kicked it again. Her tears weren't tears anymore... they were waterfalls streaming from her eyes. She screamed and wailed in pain. I couldn't help but feel like it was my fault. If I'd never cut her...  

"STOP!" Louis screamed and ran to Micheal. He hit him by suprise, he punched him and kicked him to the ground. He kept punching and Micheal's face was already covered in blood. 

"DONT. *punch* EVER. *punch* TOUCH. *punch* HER. *punch* AGAIN. *punch*" he hollered and Micheal passed out. He stood up and kicked him hard in the head to make sure he was out. The whole time Jacob had stood watching. Louis ran to Carter and hugged her. 

Instead of beating Louis up... he grabbed Carter from his arms, punched Louis in the jaw, and pulled her to me. He tied our arms tightly together so we were side-by-side. He picked up the gun and pointed it straight at Kyle. 

"NOOOOO! PLEASE JACOB! DONT!!!! NOOO! PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE!!!!! DONT SHOOT HIM! PLEASE JACOB?! PLEASE?!" she screamed and moved. The ropes rubbed my skin as she struggled to loosen them and get free. 

"Carter... you promised." Kyle looked into Carter's eyes. "NO KYLE! DONT ACT LIKE YOUR ABOUT TO DIE! STOP! PLEASE!" she screamed. Sirens sounded  outside. 'Finally' I thought. Jacob looked at me then to Louis. 

"SHIT!" Jacob hollered. "CARTER... I WILL GET REVENGE ONE DAY..." he smirked. He shot Kyle in the leg and Carter screamed. He ran for he back door and got away. The police busted through the door. 

"SOMEBODY UNTIE ME!!!" Carter screamed. Liam quickly came over and untied us. Carter threw herself to Kyle. "Shhh..." he rubbed her arm as she lay on his chest. The police were talking to the other boys behind us but me and Liam stood there. 

"I-i guess this is our fairyt-tale ending-g..." she sobbed. "Hey..." he plaid with her hair. "You mean its mine... the prince is dying.. he made some fucked up decisions... but the princess still has a ball to go to..." a tear fell from his eye. "mom always said your ball would be the best months of your life... even without me there... you'll dance in the rain." he smiled at her. Two ambulance guys picked him up and laid him on a stretcher and quickly took him to the van. Carter dropped her head to the couch and sobbed. 

"Shhhh... baby, its alright..." Lou was now behind her. She turned and threw her arms around her him. He stood up, she wrapped her legs around his waist and and her arms latched to his neck. 

"Im taking her to get some clothes..." Lou said to me and Liam. I nodded. 

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