If You Really Cared

Carter is a 17 yr. old girl. She has been bullied by 5 boys for years. She has no idea why... Her abusive dad and best friend/little sister have just died. Her mom kills herself over it. All in one day, Carters life is changed forever...

***(the boys are NOT famous in this story... their each around he ages of 16-18...)***


1. Chapter 1

Carters POV

"Ahhhh!!!"I woke up screaming again from the reaccuring nightmare.

"Shhh..." my mom came to my side. "It was only a dream... its over," she played with my hair.

"It will be over when Lizzy is back!" I replied sobbing into her lap. Only about two weeks before my dad and five yr. old sister got in a car wreck. They both died. Sure... my dad died too, but he was very abusive and hated me. Lizzy.. was only five and she was my best friend! I cried to think of the pain she went through. My mom thought this was the only cause of my nightmares...she didnt come to school with me, she didnt get beaten and bullied, she has no idea.

"Time to get ready for school!" she stood up and smoothed out my covers. I finally sat up and wiped my eyes.

"Sweetie its only September, why the long sleeves?" she asked picking at my sleeve.

"mom! I get cold!" I used my only excuse.

"Okay... fifteen minutes..." she walked out and I grunted.

I slowly made my way to the bathroom. I stared at myself in the mirror. A few moment passed, I was now seated on the side of the bathtub. I pulled my left sleeve up to reveal the scars and fresh scabs og the cuts I had imprinted on myself. I stood up and began looking through the cabinets. I finally found it... I glared at the familiar piece of scrap metal. The one that had a sharp edge, sharp enough to cut through flesh and bone... my flesh and bone. I winced at the pain, but I knew I needed it. I rinsed off the three knew cuts I had made in cold water, and then hid the piece of metal. I dried off my arm, washed my face, and applied some simple makeup.

It was warm outside so I put on my favorite pair of denim jean shorts. I had on a blue 'TOMS' shirt. I slid a dark blue jumper/sweatshirt over it to cover my scars. I slid on my gray toms and ran downstairs. I sat at the bar beside my brother Kyle. (like a kitchen bar/counter thing). He sat there... eyes glued to his phone. Which reminded me... "Mom I get my phone back today!" I hollered across the house.

"K sweetie!" she hollered back from her room.

"Whats with the sweatshirt?!" Kyle asked sarcastcally.

"Im cold..." I tried convincing him.

"No! I know your secret! Your a cutter!" he hollered and laughed. I froze...

"Uhhh..." I managed.

"Im kidding... I know your not!" he laughed and rubbed my arm. I tried to laugh too, but I had a feeling it seemed really fake.

My mom ended the awkardness by walking in. I could tell she had been crying.

"Mom are you alright?" Kyle asked looking up at her.

"Yes! Here is your phone sweetie..." I took the black Iphone 3 out of her cold hand.

"Thanks..." I said looking down. I really wanted a white Iphone 5 but mom said I needed to wait till my birthday... I didnt really want the phone anymore... No-one texts me and I try to avoid the internet for now. 'Crap! Tomorrow is my birthday!' I remembered. I hope nobody remembers.

"You should go you'll be late!" she said motioning to the clock on the oven.

"Bye." I stated and began my journey to hell. I was walking down down the sidewalk, only a few yards from my house when I remembered my lunch. 'Its fine...I could eat less!' I told myself.


I wasnt really paying attention... I was mainly focused on my arm. It hurt. Bad. The moment I took a step onto school grounds I heard him behind me.

"Where are you going?!" his voice slurred. It sent chills down my spine... not in a good way. I turned to face them... him. It was only Zayn. He grabbed my arm, my scars, I winced at the pain as he squeezed tighter. He pulled me behind the building then behind another brick wall that was surrounded by trees.

"Your worthless!" he said and threw me to the ground. "Your ugly and fat!" he kicked me in the jaw. Out of nowhere two more appeared... Harry and Liam.

"No one love you!" Liam stated and kicked me in the shin.

"No one wants you... you little bitch!" Harry added. He stepped on my left wrist. The sting shot through my arm and my whole body went numb... I let out a faint scream at the agonizing pain. Tears now filled my eyes.

"Guys stop!" Niall said sympathetically/(NOT!). Was he actually standing up for me?! Washe nice now?! The thoughts filled my head but I knew, deep down, I was so wrong.

"What?!" Liam, Harry, and Zayn eyed him.

"You do it like this!" he smirked. "Bitch!!!" he said and his foot collided with my stomach making me wail in pain. Again my whole body went numb, I tried holding it but I physically could not move my wrist. I curled up bringing my legs close and held my stomach with my right arm.

"Oh do we have somebody wanting to hook up tonight?!" Liam smirked. "Lets have a look!" Niall agreed. Zayn tried to grab for my phone.

"You cant have it!" I defended myself. I felt Zayns boot slam into my arm. I tried to hold in the tears. I was still curled up on the grass and they all stood over me, glaring down at me.

"Hand it over!" Louis came into view. "C'mon!" Harry added. I found the strength and sat up. I used my elbow as a prop. Louis kicked me in the stomach making me fall back to the ground in pain.

"Well..." Niall motioned for it.

"Oh maybe she's one of those sluts who keep their phones in their bras!" Louis smirked and they all moved in. I tried sliding back but Liam grabbed my collar. "C'mon!" Niall said and helped him pull off my sweatshirt.

A few seconds passed and they all eyed my scars and cuts on my arms. I attempted to hide them... "Why?!" Zayn, Louis, and Niall asked.

"Well if you love cutting so much..." Harry pulled out a pocketknife. "Enjoy that!" he smirked as he sliced a cut into my thigh. I screamed... I felt Louis's hand lay over my mouth. Tears streamed freely from my eyes. I grabbed my leg and kept screaming. Lou's hand still firmly over my mouh. I shut my eyes and felt like fainting. I held tightly to my leg... I opened my eyes to see blood covering my hands and leg. I had forgotten about my wrist... my leg was burning, numbing, stinging my whole body. I quickly glanced at Harry and he just stared at the knife covered in my blood. Louis was bent down behind me and he had both hands laid over my mouth. My arms started shaking and I screamed again.

"Phone?!" Liam stated as if nothing happened. Zayn then ripped off my shirt leaving on my black bra on. Harry grabbed the phone from my bra and they looked through it. Niall still stood staring at my body. I never let go of my leg... I had never, ever, felt this much pain.

Nialls POV

I stared at her... the tears streaming down her face, her hands grabbing tightly to her thigh, the blood that was now covering the ground around her and covered her leg and hands. Lou's hands were covering her mouth but I still heard her faint screams. I actually felt... bad. I know what I was doing was wrong... but I never thought it would go this far. Carter never cried much, or fought back, but this time... she kept shaking and screaming. Zayn took off her shirt revealing her bra. I noticed the scars overing her upper stomach and right shoulder. I felt a tear form... but quickly wiped it. I knew Louis noticed, he looked at me and nodded.

A few minutes had passed... her tears had slowed and she seemed better. Lou still looked at her, his hands held her face. He was ready to cover her mouth if she started screaming again.

"H-h-harry...?" she studdered through the tears.

"What?!" he looked down at her. Her head laid in Lou's lap.

"W-what if I d-d-died?" her still flowed making her voice crack through her words.

"What the hell do you mean?!" he asked.

"If I d-died today... You w-wouldnt have to worry about p-putting up with m-me..." she said looking at her leg still covered in blood. No one said anything and Harry went back to looking at the phone.

Did she mean suicide?! I couldnt help but this about this.

"We're keeping this!" Zayn stated motioning to the phone in Liam's hands.

"W-what?! M-my phone?!" she managed to ask.

"Thats what he said!" Liam said. "Its not like you have any friends texting you!" Harry added. I looked to the ground.

I bent down and tried to touch her leg. My fingers touched it as gently as possible and she wailed. Lou's hands covered her mouth. I jumped back. "Sorry.." I muttered under my breath. Lou looked at me, he had heard. She kept crying and wailing.

Carters POV

"Bye!" Zayn said. Louis and Niall stood up. They all left.

I let the tears fall, I was in no attempt to stand up. Niall and Louis looked back and I just stared ahead. Everything was blurry and my leg burned. I didnt mean to... but I fell asleep.

"Carter.." I blinked my eyes trying to focus. "L-louis?!" I studdered. Then the pain hit, more than before... I grabbed for my leg and hollered. Niall's hands covered my mouth... Tears filled my eyes again and I stared at my bloody leg.

"Shhhh..." Louis whispered. He took out some gaws, medical tape, and bandages. Niall handed him a water bottle. His hands still covered my mouth.

"Ah-hh-h!" I tried to holler but my voice cracked. Louis poured the cold water over my leg. He rubbed it gently with the gaws. I felt my breath get heavy and the tears flowed faster. He then wrapped my thigh in a bandage and secured it with some medical tape. I attempted to wipe my tears.

"uhhhh... T-thanks." I said and looked at the bandaging.

"Your welcome.." they both answered.

"Just this time... K?" Niall shrugged.

I didnt say anything... I tried to stand up. "Ohh!" i grabbed my thigh.

"Here..." Louis offered. Niall handed me my t-shirt and sweatshirt. I then realized I was still in only a bra. I slid them on and Louis handed me my backpack.

"I-im gonna, uhh, g-go home." i said. I limped across to them.

"K." they said. "Bye." I walked passed them, trying to act like it didnt kill me to walk, I stared at the ground. But it did...IT KILLED!



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