Hi im bethany and my family died in a car crash two years ago! I am now living in london with my besties maddy, garriyn, Alexis, sidney, and Christy!


4. WHAT!!!

Louis pov.

All the other lads and girls were already downstairs so I figured this is the perfect chance to ask christy! I turn ovr and see christy laying right there she is so beautiful!  Im one lucky man, I thought to myself. When she starts waking up I pull her close until she opens her eyes. when she does I dont even let her talk I pull her to me and kiss her! She just looks at me with a grin and says "I love you!" "I love you to babe." Then she gets up and walks to the bathroom. "Ok I have to think about what im gonna say" I say to myself . She walks out and I cznt help but stare, "is there something wrong lou?" "No nothing babe I was just thinking" "oh well we better get down stairs" she says starting to hurry. "No wait" I get down on one knee and say "christy , your the best thing that has ever happend to me and I want to spend the rest of my life with you and only you! I guess what im trying to say is.....christy will you marry me?" She stares at me inshock. " lou, I'-I dont know what to say! Yes yes yes a million times yes!"  I embrace her with a tight hug and lay her on ghe bed and started tickling her. I then pick her up and carried her down stairs.

Alexis pov.

we were all eating when lou and christy come down the stairs and tell us that they are engaged!! "OMG!! me and garriyn squel. "this is great." bethany says. This is gonna be a good day, i can already tell. "ok ladies we have something to tell you." the lads say. "ok today in honor of two special things........we are throwing a party at the ritz tonight for the celebration of 3 years together as a band!" lou says. "and in honor of bethany and liams 3 year anniversary." niall yells in a joking manner. "thank you guys i love you!!" bethany chokes. "yes guys your amazing" liam fakes cry. I cant wait for the party tonight. "ok so me and the girls will go shoping for a dress and you boys get yourselfs ready!" perrie insists.

my pov.

me and the girls were about to head out so me and the girls give the lads a hug and a kiss and then we head out the door. we were getting in the limo when my phone starts ringing. "its sapphire, should i answer?" "well she is your sister." garriyn snaps, so i answer. "put it on speaker!" alexis says. so i did, "bethany.........bethany are you there??" sapphire sounded worried, so i quickly answer her back. "yes im here, whats up? is there a problem?" "yes!! im home alone and someone just broke in!!" she yells into the phone. "oh my gawd. is he or she anywhere near you?" he is still trying to break the glass!" she said her voice all shakey. "ok sapphire go upstairs right now and hide... go to your room or to the bathroom, somewhere with a closet or place you can hide." i try to say as calmly as i can to keep her from freaking out. "ok..i have a lock on my closet do you want me in there?" her voice was still very shakey. "yes...keep your phone with you." "bethany he is coming upstairs i can hear him." she started to cry. "sapphire dont cry, it will be ok you wont get hurt." "bethany im scared" sapphire is still crying. "sapphire how close is he?" "he is my parents room on the middle floor." "ok sappire call 911, i will call the lads and they will be there and so will we." "ok i will call them, bethany if anything happens to me i want you to know that i love you!" she said still crying. "i love you too and nothing will happen to you! i promise"

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