Hi im bethany and my family died in a car crash two years ago! I am now living in london with my besties maddy, garriyn, Alexis, sidney, and Christy!


2. that night!

"Bethany can I talk to you upstairs?" Liam asks. "Yes....? You question.  "Babe you never told me you had a twin!!" " I didnt find out till only 20 minutes ago babe, or I would've told you!" I say in a anxious tone. "Well is she like staying with you or something?" Liam asks firmly. "For a little while, babe whats wrong? " " how will I not get you two mixed up?" " my voice is deeper and im skinnier and I have a tattoo of the heart on my neck remember! " " ok love, well we better get back downstairs!"  When we reach the bottem of the steps we find them all sitting watching toy story. "Awww you guys are watching it without us!" Liam whinned  " come over here it just started! " perrie says "you coming babe? " liam questions. "Yeah I will be there in a minute" I say .  Im still in shock about my sister. I need to ask her when she plans on going home! I will when the movies over! So I go over to where liam, the lads and girls were sitting, and I cuddle up with liam! 

When the movie was over I went over to sapphire if I could talk to her in private and ask her when when she is going home. When she replys with this " well I quess I will leave tomorrow or in two days? "  " well the reason im asking is your adoptive parents may miss you so... you should probably leave soon! Not trying to push you away its just we have to be out of here by wednesday!"  " oh well I geuss I will call them tonight and tell them to meet me at the airport tomorrow evening!" It sounds like im pushing her away! "Sis you do know im not trying to push you away right?" "Yeah I understand!" "We will stay in touch I promise." "I love you sis!" She says. "I-I love you too!"  

Liams pov.

"Ok  guys so you know how its me and bethany's anniversary tomorrow right?" "Right" they say in sync. "Well guess what I planned for our date!" "What" they all say in sync.  "Well first im gonna take her on a romantic walk on the beach and then we are going to have a moonlight picnic and then im gonna give hher this infinity ring!" "Ohhhhhhhhh" perrie says with a squel        do you think she will like it?? "  " she will love it liam!" Lou says holding Christy!  

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