Hi im bethany and my family died in a car crash two years ago! I am now living in london with my besties maddy, garriyn, Alexis, sidney, and Christy!


5. HELP!!!!!!

then finally a lady answered. "hello 911 whats your emergency?" the lady says calmly. "help...please help me.... there is a man in my house he broke in im home alone! please help me!!" i wisper cry into the phone. " honey....honey it will be ok, i need you to answer a few questions ok? how old are you sweetheart?" "17" i was in tears. "ok honey what is your address?" she sounded so calm. " 4587 mullberry ave. chesshire england." " ok honey help is on the way...did you see the mans face?" "no i ran upstairs as soon as i heard him come in." " ok honey you need to stop crying....it will be ok help is right around the corner." the lady was so nice. "i cant calm down!!" i yelled in a wisper. "honey help is almost there." the lady told me. "just please help me!!!" when will the lads and girls be here already??? i hear the footsteps even closer, he was in my room!!

liam pov.

"yes she is home alone and someone broke in." she explains to us. "we will be right over." i sayto her. "boys we need to get there ASAP!!!" i scream! we head out and were literally speading to get there! when we got there the police and the girls were there huddled around sapphire hugging her. Me and the lads run over there and join, all the girls were crying. seconds later sapphires parents show up and run to her and didnt let go of her for 10 minutes. We watched the cops take the man off, they said he will be inprissioned for 20 years for breaking and entering, stealing, and 2 counts of rape. "c'mon guys lets go home" lou says. "you guys head to the limo i need a moment with my sister." bethany says. "ok love hurry ok?" " ok i will" and i give her a kiss.

my pov.

"see i told you nothing would happen to you!" i give her a little smirk. She then gave me a hug so tightly i could bearly breath. "i love you bethany, i dont know what i would've done if you didnt show up." she started to cry. i pull her out so i could see her face, "hey i told you i wouldnt let anything happen to you" i begin to cry. "i love you and would never ever let anyone ever lay a finger on you! now give me a hug, i got to go!" we hug and i walk over to the limo get in and we head home.

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