Hi im bethany and my family died in a car crash two years ago! I am now living in london with my besties maddy, garriyn, Alexis, sidney, and Christy!


1. woah!


My pov.


I was staring at the wall wondering why this could be happening to me I was thinking to myself when I heard footsteps. Christy walks in and tells me that supper is ready! "Ok" I say! I walk doen the steps and see garriyn and sidney on the couch and maddy and christy and alexis sitting at the table. "What are having" alexis asks Christy "my famous chicken ala zenni special" christy says " chicken alfredo agian" garriyn says. "Maybe" christy mumbles. Right then we get a knock at the door, "I will get it" sidney says. "Hi im saphria lee , im your twin" "hehe excuse us for one moment" I say then I shut the door. "I HAVE A TWIN???" I yell "OMG YOU HAVE A TWIN" The girls say in sync. I open the door "hello...uhh come on in." " hi im saphriah but you can call me sapphire" she says "ok uhh hi im beth....." "bethany.......I know who you are" sapphire said in a hysterical tone. "Uhhhh ok...... will you excuse me for one moment? Girls can I talk to you upstairs? ???" "Ok this girl is freaking me out!" "Why she is your twin?" Maddy mummbles " she knows everything about me! Yet I have no clue who she even is!! "Bethany just give her a chance" garriyn says "well it will have to be soon the lads are coming over in 10 minutes" " oh I totally forgot!"christy and alexis say in sync. "Uhh yeah" I say sarcasticly.  "Go talk to her" all of say . "Fine fine I will" im walking downstairs and sapphire is talking on the phone! "Uhh im back" I say quietly. "Ok are you ready to here the whole story??" She asks. "Uhh yeah I guess" " ok well when we were born our parents could only keep 1 of us according to law......." "ok how did you find me??" Well hang on.....so our parents put me up for adoption, my adoptive parents are really close to our real parents!" She tells me " ok....how did you find me??" "Well hang on......so I spoke with my adoptive parents and asked them if I could come meet you kaden, mom and dad! Speaking of where are they" she asks I look at the girls and then back to her then I manage to say " they died in a car crash" her face went pale and she sat down and started to cry " I have waited A whole 20 years for nothing! 20 years!!! I didnt even know my real family and I never will! " it will be ok you have me now! Everything will be ok!" 

                                           Thats when we get a knock on the door, "thzt must be the lads" garriyn squels!  When all 5 of the boys walk in harry runs straight to garriyn embraces her with a hug and a kiss, niall goes straight to alexis embraces her with a hug and a kiss, louis goes straight to Christy embraces her with a hug and a kiss! Then liam runs to me and embraces me with his bear hug and then gives me a slow and pasionate kiss! We were kissing for what felt like an enternity when harry and louis start joking saying "get a room" c'mon there are people trying to keep down our lunch!" " shut up lads" liam snaps then lastly comes walking in the door is zayn and perrie. With kody not far behind! Maddy runs to kody and embraces him with a hug! "Lads there is someone I want you to meet..........this is sapphire my twin."  Liam and the others come closer and look at her intently. "Holy fr.... " "liam!!!" "Frack....holy frack." Good boy..

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