A love story

Lexa and Brandon have been a thing ever since the 5th grade until Jesse comes along. What will happen?


2. Lexa's bday



     i looked at my girlfriend lay there lifeless but i knew i had to do something so i picked her up bridal style and ran to the hospital and said "i just found my girlfriend in her house in the bathroom with a bloody arm and  dont know what happened." the guy at the desk said "ok sir bring her back here to this room and we will take extremley good care for her" "can i stay back here with her please shes all i have shes my everything?" i said "no we need for you to go out in the waiting room until we tell you otherwise and i promise she will be in very good hands here ill call a doctor to come and see her and the nurses to put her in a gown thing and then they'll give her, her medicines" he said

Brandon: all I want is for her to be ok so if that's what it takes then ok. 

  Brandon stayed in the room the whole time they done the IV and all the medicines. Then Lexa started to wake up. 

Brandon: hey babes how are you doing? 

Lexa: Who are you? 

Brandon: I'm your boyfriend 

Lexa: no Jesse newsome is my boyfriend not you. 

Brandon: no babe I'm your boyfriend. Jesse is the one that made you come here. 

Lexa: well in that case what's my favorite color,food. what was the best thing happened to me when i was 13? And who was my first boyfriend? 

Brandon: purple,bourbon chicken. You tried to kill yourself because you thought I didn't love you. And your first boyfriend was Matt Smith. 

Lexa: I just wanted to know if you knew them I remember you perfectly just messin with ya. 

Brandon: Lexa don't joke like that you actually had me thinking you didn't remember me I was about to panic.(screaming) I WAS ABOUT TO CRY LEXA DON'T JOKE LIKE THAT!!!

Lexa: I'm sorry Brandon 

Brandon: it ok I know your in alot of stress and pain so I'm going to let that one go. 

Lady: sir could you step out so we can get her in a gown? 

Brandon: yea sure. 

(Brandon goes out of the room while Katie gets changed in to her hospital gown.) 

Lady: you can come back In here now sir 

(Brandon goes back in the little room thingy and the woman left) 

(Brandon goes back to his chair) 

Lexa: babe sit on the bed with me 

(Brandon sat on the bed and kissed Lexa on the lips)

Brandon: tommorow is your birthday. It's going to be special. 

Lexa: tommorow is my bday yaaay. 

About an hour later the doctor came in and checked out lexa's arm and cleaned it and wrapped it in something. 

     Brandons point of view 

Lexa: want to go get ice cream I'm starving? 

Brandon: I was actually thinking about ice cream it's like your reading my mind lol. 

Lexa: then put the keys in the ignition and let's go get ice cream IM STARVING!!!!! (After that she laughed) 

Brandon: then ill take you to an ice cream place. 

Lexa: finally 

After 15 minutes they arrived to thrice cream place. 

Waiter: how may I take your order? 

Lexa: I would like a large rocky road

Brandon: I will have the same 

Waiter: is that all? 

Brandon: yea 

Waiter: that will be $7.84 

Brandon hands the waiter the money and they get their ice cream and go home. 

Next day at school (lexa's bday) 

Nichole: hey girl where were you yesterday? 

Lexa: I was at home cause I didn't feel good. And Jesse I need to talk to you. 

Jesse: ok 

Lexa: privately except for Brandon. 

Nichole,Mary,chad- ok (and they walked away) 

Lexa's Pov 

Brandon: did you seriously think you'd get away with this? 

Jesse: what? 

Me: cutting my arm doof 

Jesse: no probably not 

Me: oh and by the way we are over and me and Brandon actually never broke up. 

And Lexa and Brandon walked was at holding hands. 

Time skip after school 

Regular Pov 

Brandon: where would you like to go muh lady? 

Lexa: Mexican 

Brandon: ok first let me go home so I can change ok? 

Lexa: ok 

(They went to Brandon's house and he got changed and grabbed something on the way out the door then he went back out and got back in his truck.)

Brandon: Mexican it is princess

About 15 minutes later they got to the Mexican restaurant and ordered. 

Waiter: drinks?

Lexa: Pepsi with lemon

Brandon: regular Pepsi with no lemon. 

Waiter: ill be back with your drinks 

(About 5 minutes later the waiters back and sets them on the table.)

Waiter: do you know what you'd like to eat?

Lexa: nachos el azul 

Brandon: steak and cheese 

(The waiter leaves and about 30 minutes later the food comes.)

Lexa: thank you 

Brandon: thank you 

Waiter: your welcome

Lexa: why are you being so quiet for boo? 

Brandon: no reason. Are you enjoying your meal my birthday queen? 

Lexa: yes I am is my king enjoying his? 

Brandon: yes he is 

After they eat they headed back to his truck and it was about 7:00pm. 

Brandon: Happy 16th baby 

Lexa: thanks babe. 

Lexa's Pov 

Lexa kisses him on the cheek cause he was driving. 

Lexa: I love you 

Brandon: I love you more. 

 20 minutes later they arrive at Lexa's house and they get out and they go in and Lexa goes in the kitchen and gets a juice box and returns to the living room.

Brandon: seriously? 

Lexa: what?

Brandon: a juice box.

Lexa: yea I like them. 

Mature only 

Brandon takes the juice box i had and sets it on the table and takes my arms and puts them around his neck and turns on romantic music and puts his hands my waist and leaned in kissed me on the lips and I kissed back and he brushed his tongue across and I parted my lips a little and he stuck his tongue In my mouth and I stuck mine In his mouth and we started to have a war with our tongues lol and he moved his hands to my butt and started walking backwards and we reached a door. And then I broke the kiss. 


What happens next? 
Sorry I took so long to update i started school 3 weeks ago and I have had a lot of homework 

-peace out Girl Scout 

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