A love story

Lexa and Brandon have been a thing ever since the 5th grade until Jesse comes along. What will happen?


1. A little about me



Hi my name is Lexa and I'm turning 15 next week. I have a wonderful boyfriend named Brandon. My mom got killed by my dad when I was 13 he was drunk and he shot her but now he's in federal prison and shouldn't be let out. Today is my first day of high school I hope it's great. I'll be going to South Floyd High School. Anyways it's Time for me to go and walk to school. So I grab a Special K bar and head out the door. I walk around the corner and a familiar voice says "hey Lexa wait up" I turned around and it was my boyfriend Brandon so I stopped and waited for him. He came up to me and have me a big bear hug and a kiss on the cheek and we walk to school. When we got there I saw my friends and ran up to them and started talking to them. 

   Lexa - how was summer? You guys never contacted me. 

  Nichole - it was great I went to England and loved it and I live their foods. 

   Mary - yea my summer was awesome me and chad went to Hawaii (chad is Mary's BF)

  Chad - that's right we went and had an awesome time

  Nichole - instead of asking us why don't you tell us about your summer 

   Lexa - I just stayed home being all lazy bones 

  Nichole - seriously where did you go?

  Lexa - Paris with Brandon. 

 Nichole - lucky. Nothing happened right? 

  Lexa - no nothing happened *brandon was cracking up laughing*

Jesse - I stayed home all summer cause i had to watch my baby bro. 

 Brandon - bye babe I got to get to the office to get my schedule its almost 8. 
   We all go get our schedules and we all have the first 5 classes together so we all walked in science class and took our seats in the back. 

   Lexa's Pov 

  I took my seat and I sat behind Brandon and in front of Jesse and beside Nichole and Mary and beside Mary was chad.  Jesse texts me and said " hey come to my place when school is over I need to tell you something" I replied with "why can't you just tell me over text?" "Because its special and I want to show you something" "fine ill go but you better not pull anything" 

  Regular Pov 

    The teacher finally came in the room but said "my name is Mrs. meade and I'm your science teacher and since its the first day of school you guys can get to know each other"

   Brandon wispers to Lexa " what do you want for your birthday?"
  Still whispering 

  Lexa - I don't know I guess go to a restaurant and back to my place 

  Brandon - then that's what you shall get 

  Finally class is over and we move to our next class which is science and since the were tables that can only have 2 people sitting to one. 
    Lexa's Point of view 

   It was me and Brandon at one table and Nichole and Mary at another and Jesse and Chad were at the last table. The teacher came in and said " Hi I'm MR griffin I'll be your math teacher for the year and welcome to the algebra 1 ill start teaching tommorow so you guys can do just what ever you want." 

   Brandon - what are you doing after school maybe we can have boyfriend girlfriend time 

    Me - I need you to follow me to jesse's house cause I'm supposed to go there and god only knows what he's going to try to do. 
    Brandon - Yea I'm going to follow you  I'm not trusting Jesse. 

   Time skip After School at jesse's house 

     Lexa - what did you want to tell me and show me?

  *brandon is looking through the window Lexa knows it but Jesse don't* 

      Jesse - I want to tell you that your going to break up with Brandon and date me and I want to show you this (Jesse kisses Lexa and she's trying to pull away but he's to strong and he brushes his tongue against my lip but I don't give him permission and I finally get to pull away). Now call Brandon and breakup with him so I can date you.

    Me - No I love him unlike you I will never like or love you. 

   Jesse slapped me across the face and said: 

   Jesse - we can do this the easy way or we can do it the hard way. 

  Me - do what ever you have to do. I will never break up with him I love him with all my heart I love him for him and I will never love you for what you just done to me {I began to cry at the thought of Jesse making me break up with Brandon} 
    Regular point of view 

   Jesse - do what I say or I will make shoot him {he pulls out a gun from his pocket and makes me put it in my hand} 

    Lexa - fine I'll break up with him I don't want him hurt. 

{Lexa calls Brandon and he picks up}

  Brandon - why did you let him kiss you?

  Lexa - listen I'm {I look back at Jesse and motions for me to go on and tell him} I'm breaking up with you. 

  Brandon - ok if that's what you want 

   Lexa - it's what I want. {And with that I hung up.} 

  Brandon's Point of view

     Why would she break up with me she loves me with all her heart and I saw Jesse make her point a gun at her head and I seem him slap her and Lexa was crying and then she called me and broke up with me. I know why she broke up with me Jesse made her do it so I left and went home and texted Lexa 

     Back at jesse's house 

   Jesse - so now we got that over with your my girlfriend right? 

   Lexa - I guess so 

     Jesse - great 

     {right then Lexa got a text from Brandon} 

    Text - Lexa did Jesse make you break up with me? When you said no to do it Is that why he slapped you and made you point the gun at your head and almost made you shoot yourself? Its ok I forgive you I don't want you to get hurt so I understand. We can still date but don't let him find out about it. 

        Lexa's Point of view 

    I replied with - yeah he made me break up with you I didn't want to but I had to and I want to date you and no I won't tell Jesse and about the kiss with him I tried to pull away but he wouldn't let me. 

    Brandon replied with- I know I seen everything and I love you 

   I replied back - I love you to 

   Regular Point of view 

   Jesse -  who are you texting babe? 

 Lexa - no one 

 Jesse - let me see your phone 

  Lexa - no it's my phone I can do what ever I want 

   Jesse - hand me your phone 

 {I handed him my phone knowing something was going to go wrong} 

 Jesse - are you and him back together?

    Lexa remained quiet 

  Jesse - answer me 

   Lexa - yes we are and what are you going to do about it? 

  [Jesse carries Lexa to a couch and gets on top of her] 

  Jesse - I want you to kiss me 

   Lexa and Jesse leans in and they kiss and Jesse pulls out his sharp pocket knife and places it on the couch. Jesse gets Lexa's arms and puts them off his  neck and placed the front of her arms flat on the couch where the tender part is facing up and Jesse got his pocket knife and was beginning to cut Lexa's arm EXTREMELY deep and after 5 deep cuts Lexa starts to pass out. 
   Jesse - that's what I'm going to do 

   Lexa - I'm sorry [Lexa blacked out and Jesse put Lexa in his older sisters room] 
       Next Day 

    Jesse,Brandon,Mary,Chad,and Nichole arrive at school except Lexa 

  Brandon - hey Jesse where's Lexa? 
   Jesse - she's somewhere safe oh and by the way I know about you to I read her messages 

  {Brandon left school and went to jesse's house to find Lexa and once he got there he started searching the house for Lexa once he finds her he sees that lexa's arm is covered with blood. 




            What's Brandon going to do? Find out next 
  I should Be updating often. Read my other story My New Life. 

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