Spirit of Wolf and Water

Cora is a normal 17 year old girl, she has a barn, and has her friends who have her back. Her father died three years ago and her and her mother dont spend very much time together anymore. But when a cougar attacks Cora and she is saved by a siren named Tuari, they go through the challenges of the water curse together. Even though Cora and Tuari live together and they know each other quite well, does Cora know Tuari well enough? Is Tuari all she says she is? Will Cora ever put the pieces of the mysterious attacks together or will it lead to a place she doesnt want to go?


24. Tuari


I almost kicked down Cora's front door I was so angry, and luckily enough I found both her and Kota the exact people I wanted to talk to. "What the hell guys! Why would you leave me stranded at that party! I had no way home and I had no idea where you were and I knew no one!" I was yelling I was so outraged, "Oh common Tuari, you and Jake seemed pretty friendly to me, he is the one that drove you home am I right?" Cora said to me with a slight bitchy tone to her voice, "Oh common Cora," I started, "You just wanted to be alone with the piece of meat you called dibs on, you don't even like him! Why would you feed on him and then go out with some guy you barely like if you liked him?" Kota looked hurt and looked down, "Tuari thats such crap, I have done so much for you and then you do that? Take Kota knowing how I would feel about it and then get friendly with Jake once he is gone." I glared at her, "You know what?" Cora started, "Im not fighting with you about this, you are no longer welcome here if you are going to treat me like this. You can leave and go back to Cosmic Lake where I found you." I was furious now, I needed my plan to work, "Cora you are going to die without me! You need me! What are you going to do now that you don't have a siren by your side to help you when being a monster gets tough?" She shook her head, "Goodbye Tuari." My jaw dropped, I turned and ran to Cosmic Lake, I ran in and swam to my little underwater hut. Fine if she didnt want help living then I will help her with suffering. 

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