Spirit of Wolf and Water

Cora is a normal 17 year old girl, she has a barn, and has her friends who have her back. Her father died three years ago and her and her mother dont spend very much time together anymore. But when a cougar attacks Cora and she is saved by a siren named Tuari, they go through the challenges of the water curse together. Even though Cora and Tuari live together and they know each other quite well, does Cora know Tuari well enough? Is Tuari all she says she is? Will Cora ever put the pieces of the mysterious attacks together or will it lead to a place she doesnt want to go?


38. Leigh


Exhausted from Cora's snack of me I ran to the forest home. Reaching my tiny house in the woods I rubbed my eyes and plummeted onto the couch to finally rest. But even though my entire body screamed for me to sleep,1 my mind was swirling with the thought go Cora. I finally got restless enough to get up and put my head between my legs and decided, to hell with it, Im going for a walk. 

The forest at first dawn was so beautiful, something I could never tire of. The fatigue that bothered me so much before tugged at my feet but I kept walking. Im not quite sure how but I ended up at the beach in front of Cora's house, I could see exactly where we kissed. So long ago now it seems and now that she's with that boring human I didnt know what to do with what I felt for her. Choosing to finally take a seat, I closed my eyes and let my senses have their way with me. The smell of the ocean was intense and the sound of the forest consumed my ears. Everything was loud and overwhelming but I didnt mind, the escape was worth it. Im not sure how long I sat there but the sound of footsteps from the pathway interrupted my serenity. My eyes shot open to see someone standing at the far end of the beach, a girl. Her hair flowing in the delicate wind I caught her scent, it was Cora. I decided to just watch and not say anything as she looked so free. She ripped off her sweater and trudged into the water, not caring that she still had her pyjamas on. She submerged for a long moment, but when resurfaced she flicked her tail out of the water and let out a faint giggle that I was surprised I even heard. 

I couldn't help but smile big as I watched her glide and dive through the water, and as I watched I noticed that the sun began to rise. Cora didnt notice whatsoever, as the sun rose higher my heart rate quickened. People would be getting up soon and someone could see her, this isn't a private beach. 

She perched herself on a rock and stared into the distance, not taking note of the light positioned in the sky. 

"Hey!" I yelled at her.

Her head whipped back, "Hi?" 

"Are you crazy?!" 



"Shit, you scared me!" 

"Do you not see how light it is?"

"Come on in for a swim!" 

"Get out of the water!" 

Something must have finally clicked in as she slid back in the water and was pulling herself out of the water. I offered my hand to help her up. She looked up at me with her beautiful eyes. Her nose almost touching mine. 

"What are you doing here?" She asked in almost a whisper. 

"I went for a walk." 

"Oh yah?" She said with an adorable smirk, "And you just happened to be here." 

"I can't help it that I'm drawn to you." She flushed.

"Thank you for getting my attention, I should've been more aware." 

"No worries." I shrugged. 

"Leigh?" She looked not only at me, but through me. 

"Yes?" I looked down at her and caught her quick glimpse at my lips. I leaned in, my lips almost touching hers. 

"Kota." She said not moving away. 

"Kota." I said back staying in the same place. 

"What about Kota?" A males voice from behind Cora came out. 

We both looked up and low and behold it was Kota. Great timing. 

"Whats going on here?" He asked, words cold as ice. 

"Nothing." Cora and I said in unison. 

"Sure." He said and then started to walk away. Cora looked at me for one more moment and then ran after him. 

I was so close. 

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