Spirit of Wolf and Water

Cora is a normal 17 year old girl, she has a barn, and has her friends who have her back. Her father died three years ago and her and her mother dont spend very much time together anymore. But when a cougar attacks Cora and she is saved by a siren named Tuari, they go through the challenges of the water curse together. Even though Cora and Tuari live together and they know each other quite well, does Cora know Tuari well enough? Is Tuari all she says she is? Will Cora ever put the pieces of the mysterious attacks together or will it lead to a place she doesnt want to go?


9. Cora


Since mom got proposed to everything has been different. I have had to look for homes for all the horses which was really hard since it was the last thing I had left of my dad, and Tundra would have to be gone and she was my horse. I didn't want to let her go. But my mom assured me that we could rent a stall somewhere for her so I wouldn't have to give her up. Im glad my mom understood how much she meant to me, sometimes it was like she barely knew who I was. But I guess that is even more true now that I am a siren. How will I tell her? Should I tell her? What about Kota? I had all these questions buzzing around in my head plus school and the move, it was really stressful. Plus Tuari was being kind of weird and wants to talk to me about something, I hope its nothing to worry about. 


As I rode the bus to school I still had all the questions swirling around in my head and then Cassie, a popular girl came and sat in front of me and turned around and looked at me and frowned. "What do you want Cassie?" she smirked slightly, "Listen freak I would stay away from Jake if I were you," I forgot he existed, he never really crossed my mind since the whole siren thing, "Cassie why would I care?" she looked a little taken back by that, "Oh I think you know why. Just listen to me Cora, we wouldn't want anything to happen to you if you came to close to my guy." I rolled my eyes and looked away. Then Tuari got on the bus and came to sit beside me, "Hey you ok?" I nodded, "Why does my head and stomach hurt so much?" She nodded slowly, "Thats what I wanted to talk to you about" 

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