Spirit of Wolf and Water

Cora is a normal 17 year old girl, she has a barn, and has her friends who have her back. Her father died three years ago and her and her mother dont spend very much time together anymore. But when a cougar attacks Cora and she is saved by a siren named Tuari, they go through the challenges of the water curse together. Even though Cora and Tuari live together and they know each other quite well, does Cora know Tuari well enough? Is Tuari all she says she is? Will Cora ever put the pieces of the mysterious attacks together or will it lead to a place she doesnt want to go?


6. Cora


I emailed my school and got Tuari enrolled. When I heard mom come into the house i ran down the stairs, the look on her face was possibly the happiest I had ever seen her. 

"JON PROPOSED!" my mouth dropped open. I screamed, "Mom thats amazing!" We were dancing around my house and then she said, "And we are moving in with him!" She had the biggest smile on her face and I didn't want to ruin it but I loved where we lived. I stopped dancing around, "But what about Tundra? What about my late nights with Kota?" My mom frowned, "I promise we will figure this all out." I turned to her "Can I help pick out the house?" She smiled, "Of corse!" I smiled a little and then Tuari walked in, "Um I hope this doesn't sound rude, but what are we going to do with me..?" We all went silent. Mom then spoke up, "Don't worry Tuari, we will find a new place and you will movie in with us." She smiled and then sent us up to my room. When we got up there I sat on my bed and looked up at Tuari. Her skin was now quite pail and she looked very anxious, "Hey you ok?" she looked at me for a moment and then quickly looked away, "Yup Im fine. Hey Im going to the lake for the night. Im not feeling so well." I nodded and Tuari bolted out of my room. I decided to think nothing of it and then I looked out my window and saw that Kota was still awake. I smiled and threw and small pebble from on my floor at his window. The hit startled him out of his bed, I giggled and when he saw me a grin appeared on his face. "Hey whats up?" I felt a welt grow in my throat, "Mom just got engaged and we are moving." His eyes widened, "your kidding" I shook my head and tears started to well up in my eyes, "Hey hey why don't you come over" I nodded and ran downstairs and out the door to Kota's house. He opened the door and hugged me right away, I just started to sob. I knew I was getting his shirt all wet from my tears but he just kept me there anyways. 



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