Summer Love

Average 19 year-olds, Elena & Caroline plan the perfect summer vacation to London. Their summer was all about having fun & doing the craziest/fun things they can think of. She never thought that she'd fall deeply in love with the one and only, Niall Horan. What happens when her best friend since high school Josh tells her his feeling for her?


1. Best Summer Ever


*Elena's POV*


"Elena! I have great news!" 

Caroline. My best friend since preschool. 

"Caroline what is it?" i said.

"I got us fist class tickets to London! Babe, just imagine. This summer is going to be the best summer ever!"

"No way! When do we leave?"

"In 7 days!"

"7 days? I don't know.."

"Oh c'mon Elena! We never do anything fun! I'll beg your mom if i have to but you are coming with me on this trip!"

"Ugh. Fine, i'll ask my mom. i'm sure i'll be able to go." i smiled.

"Yay! Text me when you ask her."



*Later that day*


I walked into the kitchen where my mom was and saw her cooking dinner. 

"Hey mom, i wanted to ask you something."

"Yes honey? What is it?"

"Well it's the begining of summer so Caroline got us first class tickets to London for the summer. Can i go?" i said giving her my best puppy eyes.

"Honey you know i don't like the idea of you guys being on your own for a long time. But it's summer, so yes. You can go to London, with one condition."

There's always a catch.

"What is it mom?"

"You have to call me every night. Just to check that everything is going okay."

"Okay mom. Thank you! I love you!"

She let out a laugh. "I love you too honey."

I left the kitchen to text Caroline about the good news. 


Me: Guess wat?!

Caroline: Wat?! Did ur mom say yes?!

Me: U bet she did! xD

Caroline: Yes! We're leaving in 7 days so start packing gurl!

Me: Okay i'll start tonight. Let's meet 2morrow at the park & go get a starbucks?

Caroline: Yes! At 4. See you there!

*End of conversation*

I automatically started packing the clothes i was going to take & everything else i might need.

I skipped dinner because i wasn't that hungry. All i was thinking about is our summer plans.

I had One Direction songs on full blast. Hopefully we get to meet them. My favorites are Harry & Niall. They're both just too adorable.

In the morning i went downstairs to be surprised by an old friend Josh. It was only 10:00 but i still looked like a mess. 

"Is that really you Josh?!"

"The one and only" he let out a little laugh at the end.

He was one of the best friends i had in high school. 

"How have you been?"

"Im doing good, you?"


"So listen, i thought maybe we could catch p over coffee?" he said. 

"Sure! Let me just go get ready because, as you can see, i just woke up" i smiled and laughed. 

"Yeah go ahead."

I have to admit, Josh has gotten hot over the years.


*Josh's POV*


I wanted to surprise Elena, i haven't seen her in 2 years since we graduated. 

I didn't expect for her to look so gorgeous, even if she had just woken up. I mean, she was always gorgeous but now she's just, wow.

I was looking around, looking at pictures and stuff when she came back.

We took my car, she turned on the radio to none other than One Direction. God she was obsessed with them.

She had a big smile on her face while she was jamming along with the song. 

God she looked to beautiful.

When the song was finally over i spoke. "How's Caroline?"

"She's good. We're still best friends. We;re meeting later to discuss our trip to London. This summer is going to be the best yet!"


"Yeah. Very exciting."


*Elena's POV* 


Should i invite him to London with us?

I'll just let it slide & i'll tell him about it later. 

*Skipping coffee date*

We talked and laughed like good old times.

"I had a great time Josh and thank you for the coffee."

"Yeah no problem."

I saw him drive out of my drive way and i rushed into my house. 

I still needed to meet Caroline for starbucks!

It's in 30 mins too! I need to hurry.

I changed my whole outfit

I was wearing shorts, vans and a cute tank top that said "Too fab for you"

I started walking to the park since it's only 5 mins from my house. 

Caroline was already there. She looked really excited about something. 

"Hey Caroline. What up?"

"Elena!" she said pulling me into a hug. "Guess what?!"


"I got 2 backstage v.i.p tickets to see One Direction!!"

"Omg are you serious?! Caroline i love you!!"

"I love you too! It's 5 days after we land in London."

"Let's talk about it over some starbucks. I have news of my own."

"Okay. Let me just get my bag."

We got there and got our coffee right away. 

We sat down at a table right next to the window. 

"I went out for coffee with Josh."

"What?! Josh the hawty?!"

"Yes. He was so sweet. I remember when all three of us were best friends in high school. Then he had to leave to Oregon."

"Yeah. But you forgot about the fact that he's totally hot!"

"I have to admit, he is pretty hot."

"I told you."

"Maybe we could invite him to London with us?"

"Is that even a question?! Yes!"

"Okay. I'll text him. You should try and get another ticket for One Direction. We can't just ditch him."


I kept thinking about Josh.

I can't stop thinking about him. Ugh. Why now?












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