2. the people in my class.

I am finally in school and I see my friend meeka she was wearing a high-low dress which was black  on top had a black belt around the stomach waist area , and was teal at the bottom , black flats. Then I saw nala  wearing her blue shorts and a cami which was black and vans (she's a tom boy).


During first period I see Melinda and Tiffany they were so pretty and skinny I was jealous. they both had matching outfits they were wearing tan  uggs and purple skinny jeans with purple tank tops of course from Hollister.  I was in math class I wasn't so smart so not advanced like meeka and nala. I had Mr.fiore for math he was nice. He was wearing a red shirt  and nice black dress pants. He announced we have 5 new kids that came from the UK.


The five boys from UK only one was in my English class he was kinda cute he was wearing a blue graphic tee and white skinny jeans. His name was Niall I  thought it was a cute name. Of course I made a move I '' dropped my pencil on the floor'' I caught him staring at my but it was pretty big. Their was something about him that I really liked I think it was that cute Irish   accent.

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