3. the new boy.

Megan the janitor just waxed the floor. I don't think she liked me she had scary eyes they were purple and had no hair but one big mole on the left side of her nose.


I had to go and get changed I changed into my yoga shorts with the fold  over a cheetah print and a cheetah sports bra with a pink tank-top to top it off. I walked out and I saw him he was perfect  they way his Mohawk was shaped it flowed nicely. He had a nice style he was wearing nice blue boy shorts and a grey tee to top it his 8 pack stuck out  and his nice muscles. He had perfect calf's they were skinny but not to skinny just right. He was looking at me so I decided to make a move I walked over he came over to me we meet half way he was so nice and gentle. He greeted me with a nice hand shake not to hard but nice his soft hands I wanted to ask what he used but that was weird.


Melinda tried to make a move on him I couldn't let that happen so I said '' lets jog'' I ran out of air quickly because I had asthma but I let it go just took a sip of the water -fountain  it was room temp. He talked to me about the rest of the boys Niall Zayn Harry and Louis. That was the end of gym he gave me his number I took it. He walked me to my friend Abby



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