4. lunch!

Abby and I had lunch together I say ''yay we have lunch together'' abby '' I know right its awesome'

of course since it was the first day people had to have a food fight but anyways the people that were at our table where meeka nala and abby because we are loners. The lunch room was odd it had square tables and  but  that were blue with only a head piece and a but piece.


The five boys in their cute nerdish clothing which was a nerd glasses all black rebrands and skinny jeans Louis held up by suspenders  to be specific with little white puzzle pieces.Liam's with a black held on the third buckle belt as well as the others too. Louis had a unique style. They all walked over and asked to sit ,me and Abby gave a quick but not loud yes. Their surprised faces of our reaction was priceless. I could tell Abby liked Harry just the look she gave him  a stare with her brownish-green eyes to his nice green eyes.


so we got called up for lunch we had nachos and meat and cheese. we all ate quickly we got to leave early I liked to get out quickly before Melinda and tiffany. by that time we got to class it went up hill gladly!


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