1. getting ready

Morning on a Monday is terrible. I wake up wearing no pants in my grey lace underwear lace on top only and they say barely awake on them ,And my purple-pink cami with white polka dots. When I finally get up from my bed I go downstairs because my room is upstairs , I get ready. I brush my teeth with mint tooth-paste after eating a bowl of fruity pebbles. I leave for the bus.


I love my outfit today I became more girly this year wearing maxi -dresses and high-low dresses. But anyways my outfit was black skinny jeans , a pink long sleeve shirt that said live love dream from aeropostale and had lace in the back , I had a black cami from aero too.


Finally getting to school I hate first days not knowing who your teacher is  who is in your class so we hope to see.


like my chapter read more soon!!

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