Endless Love -Harry styles

Hello my name is luxanne but every one calls me lux I live in London and I work in a small coffee shop and I live alone well me and my cat jingle one day at the shop a curly haired boy will walk in and Change my life PLEASE GUVE FEEDBACK IT WOULD MEAN THE WORLD TO ME


1. The cute boy with the green eyes

Luxes pov 

BEEP BEEP BEEP my alarm clock went off I got up and went to the bathroom to take a shower I striped and got in letting the hot water run down my body when I was done washing my hair and body I turned the shower off and stepped out and wrapped a towel around my body and went to my closet and got a sun dress that had a floral print and I put a pair of purple flats and a jean jacket then I brushed my long curly brown hair and blow dried it then I put on some makeup and got my keys and left for work 

Skip car ride* 


When I got to work my co worker lily handed me my coffee that I had every morning I sat down at the cash register and people began to come in and I started working about 3:00 5 boys walked in one was wearing a striped shirt and red jeans and one had a quiff and one had blonde hair and last their was the one with curly brown hair like mine and he was so cute they walked up to me and the guy with the curly hair said hello love hi I said and then he ordered and so did the rest and then the curly haired boy walked up to me and said hello I'm Harry hi Harry I'm luxanne but you can call me lux  ok lux would you like to hang out sometime he said hmmmm sure I said and gave him my number and he said how about tonight that sounds lovely Harry I get off in 30 minutes I said ok he said and I have him my address and he said he would pick me up at 8 and then he walked backwards towards their table and he winked at me and I blushed I probably looked like a tomato then the boys started clapping and saying woo!!!! Harry and other comments I just laughed and they left soon I was off work and on my way home to get ready 

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