The love story sequel to one direction vampires

This is the sequel of one direction vampires
I just ate 20 people i almost killed zayn and layn i had to run away forever


4. Werewolfs

Sorry guys for not updating in a long time i was busy on my other movellas and being co author so anyways keep reading

layns pov

i was watching tv when harry men came through the windows and gwabbed me i was scared mommy came down the stairs with uncle Lou i screamed for mommy but the other werewolf grabbed uncle Lou and threw him to the wall and mommy eyes turned a diffwent color and she had claws like the harry me she told me to close my eyes I did as told i heard screaming but still didnt open my eyes i felt being moved and then heard mommy scream i opened my eyes to see that mommy had a scratch on her face i got so mad that i saw claws come out of my fingers and felt my eye color change i got out of the harry mans grip and used my claw to scratch himi look behind him and saw blood everywhere i got scared mommy came up from behind me and got on the harry man and i saw her pull something out I didn't know wat it was but it looked gross she told me to go to daddy to help i ran upstairs and tried to open the door but my claws were in the way i then knocked on the door and daddy opened it he looked at my eyes and then my claws he looked frightened i told him that mommy needed help and that uncle Lou was hurt he came downstairs with me.

zayns pov

my son had claws and eyes were green red yellow color i was frightened he tol me that Megan needed help and the Louis was hurt i ran downstairs and saw Louis knocked out on the wall and werewolfs body's with blood everywhere i went to Louis and picked him up and put him on the couch he should wake up in a bit i went to Megan and she said that she needed help putting the body's away i picked some up and put them in a garbage bin  i squeezed his body tight so that he would be in a ball i heard his bones crack but didnt care Megan did the same she said that she was gonna go eat and i nodded i walked back to the house and sat down on the couch next to Louis he was already awake layn came downstairs and hugged Louis and then me and said mommy scared me;(

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