The love story sequel to one direction vampires

This is the sequel of one direction vampires
I just ate 20 people i almost killed zayn and layn i had to run away forever


14. Time for date

Layns pov i said goodbye to mom and dad uncle Ed and my aunt Ashley  and the rest of my uncles.i ran out the door with our lunch in the basket and checked the time.6:59.shoot!i ran to her house and checked what time it was.7:00.i looked at her window and saw her she got out of the window and left.she left the house and came to me and she looked more beatiful than before.we held hands and i leaded her to the suprise.when we finally got there she was happy.the suprise is her favorite skatepark that she couldn't go to because of her mom.theres a table next to the park so i put the basket on the table.she sat down on the table with me and said thanks for this!.i said thats not all.she looked confused.i said you'll find out.she took a sandwich out of the basket and bit it.she said ow.she spit her sandwich out and saw the ring.she cleaned it up with the napkins and looked at me.i said its a promise ring.she smiled.after we ate i got a blanket out of the basket put it on the floor i layed down and so did she.she ended up falling asleep.i did too.

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