The love story sequel to one direction vampires

This is the sequel of one direction vampires
I just ate 20 people i almost killed zayn and layn i had to run away forever


8. Sleepover

Megans pov

My son is dead i need to die i want to see him!.i ran to the kitchen and got the knife that can kill any vampire and stabbed it in myself and zayn came in but i still didn't die! Zayn took the knife out of me and my stomach healed i remembered i didn't have a heart because of that fuckin werewolf that's why I didn't die i ran to the door and opened it and was about to run away only to see niall with Lexi Tatyana melody and silly(silenia) they came inside quickly and sat on the couch with liam Louis and harry i hugged silly melody Tatyana Lexi  and niall and said hi and ran to my room crying i slammed the door shut and jumped on my bed and started crying on my pillow i heard a knock on my door and i said go away!and heard Lexi say fineif you don't want to talk about it i said wait! Come in!i thought you were someone else! They opened the door and looked at the pillow that had tear stains on them Tatyana said wats wrong Megan?.i said m-my s-s-son is de-dead.they stated there quietly and then they all hugged me and Melody said lets have a sleepover to get your mind off of it and don't try to suiciide yourself niall will just revive you again!i said ok well have a sleepover i promise i won't suicide myself too ok.i said with a smile and started laughing and then they went to go get their stuff for the sleep over i told everyone we were gonna have a sleepover and they nodded and i can tell they were crying because their eyes were kinda red but not vampire red.i ran upstairs to my room to see all of the girls in their sleeping bags using their phones and they all looked at me and said WAT TOOK YOU SO LONG? I started laughing and then everyone ended up llaughing 

hey guys sorry i haven't updated i left my phone at grandmas house and i couldn't use the computer again!so anyways i decided to put a new character in this book and shes famous so whoever guesses who it is first and second they can be co author of this book unless they are already co author on my other books cuz it's not f***** fair or you can write a book with me:)so anyways goodnight or good day because right now its night ugh! Who cares good night!

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