The love story sequel to one direction vampires

This is the sequel of one direction vampires
I just ate 20 people i almost killed zayn and layn i had to run away forever


3. Layn

Megans pov

i turn around and see layn my son i run up to him and hug him.why are you hugging me? Layn said.because I'm your mom i said.layn looked confused.i have a mom? Layn said.yes I'm your mom i gave birth to you I said.then why did you leave me mommy? Layn said.i didn't leave you i died but then your uncle niall revived me with his powers layn i! Do I have powers mommy!? Layn said.i don't know let's go see uncle niall to find out ok layn i said.we walked to nialls room i knocked on the door come in niall said i opened the door and niall was sitting with that girl again.niall can you find out layns power i said.sure niall said.he grabbed layns hands and told him to think hard.niall finally released his i said.his power is hurting people whenever he wants and.......well I said........hysteria niall said.WAT!!!!!!! He won't be able to controll it and he's to young he can't controll any of his powers! I said freaking out.wat his other power is controlling the weather by just saying it he said.well he can probably controll that one but anyways thanks niall i said.i kissed him on the cheek and left the room i quickly grabbed layn and told him his powers and wat they meant i let him go and then he ran into his room screaming yay! I started laughing me and zayn went into our room and payed down on the bed and watched tv after i got bored i told him i was going to the store he said to stay i told him to come with me he said yes when I opened the door i saw layn running around naked like nothing on at all i started laughing and then i told him to put clothes on he ran back inside his room.i think he got that from harry when he was on that airplane zayn i said.we started laughing we got inside the car and drove to the store.when we got there zayn got all happy and quickly got out of the car i got out and ran inside i was waitng for zayn for like 2 seconds we went to the hair stuff aisle zayn got wat he wanted and then we went to the food aisle i got a bunch of food and then got a bunch of chips good thing i got my card that has like 500 dollars in it we went up to the lady to pay my stuff zayn said he was gonna compel her but I told him not to i payed for the stuff with my card and put the stuff in the back of the car we drove home when we got there i came inside an saw layn.he had clothes on and was watching spongebob he turned around and made eye contact with me he got off the couch and gave me a hug then my head started hurting really really bad i screamed and then layn let go of me my head stopped hurting.i think layn can't get that happy or else he'll hurt someone i said.we went to our room and latex on the bed layn was stool watching spongebob i ran down stairs grabbed the carrots and ran to Louise door i remembered that he didnt know i was alive i knocked on the door and then i heard him say come in i came in and through him the carrots he caught them and than gave me a hug i can hear him eatin the carrots on my back he let go and of course he was eating the long have you been alive? He asked me.for a while i just forgot that not everybody knows I'm alive i do you wanna watch a mo-he didn't finish because all of a sudden we heard glass breaking.LAYN!!!!!! I screamed I ran down stairs and saw werewolfs holding layn!

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