The love story sequel to one direction vampires

This is the sequel of one direction vampires
I just ate 20 people i almost killed zayn and layn i had to run away forever


18. I'm pregnant

Megans pov Chloe said some words again and everything was cleaned up i hugged her and she started crying then samantha came in and said wheres Chloe!.she looked at me and said get away from her!.i stopped hugging her and she told Chloe you will never see layn again!.she pulled her hair out of the house and i looked out the window and they were gone.

10 mins later~~~

we heard people hitting the door and trying to open it i looked through the window and saw a bunch of fans!.the signs said we hate Megan!.or we want zayn back!.niall said whats all that noise and he opened the door i said no!.he got pulled outside so i ran out.the fans looked at me and said why are you dating zayn.we want him back!we hate you!.i said woah woah woah woah.they all got quiet.i said why do you guys hate me?.they said because you left zayn for 2 years,i said ok.they all started yelling and i tried fighting the hysteria.zayn came out and they all started asking him out.when they all left i needed to tell zayn the news.we went inside and i said zayn i need to tell you something.he said what?.i said zayn I'm not sure if your gonna be ok with this but i hope you will be ok with it.its not like he's going to be with it for a long time.i said zayn I'm................I'm pregnant.he hugged me and i smiled.i said i might have the baby anytime now because you know how vampires dont grow big bellys like humans.he smiled.i groaned and knew the baby was coming.

so i already know what the baby's name is gonna be and if its a boy or a girl.

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