The love story sequel to one direction vampires

This is the sequel of one direction vampires
I just ate 20 people i almost killed zayn and layn i had to run away forever


5. Eating

Megans pov

i went to go eat and saw 3 girls i ran over to them and grabbed them and dragged them to an alley fast so that no one saw me i bit them all until i saw their bones and their skin was pale like really really pale i locked the holes so that you couldn't see them.i couldn't control myself anymore and found 27 more people and drank from them until they looked like the other 3 girls and did exactly wat i did to the three girls in the alley.i went home and my eyes were red i had blood on my dress and body layn looked at me and said that i scared him and that if i never were alive that he would of never seen that and that he hated me he ignored the blood on me but then i got so mad my hysteria was on my claws were out i was gonna scratch him but he dodged it i did it again and scratched him on his whole arm he screamed in pain.zayn came down the stairs and looked at layns arm and then thing i know I'm pinned to the wall zayn said R U CRAZY YOUR GONNA KILL HIM!!!!! I smiled evilly and then pinned him to the ground layn tried to take me off him but couldn't i pushed him back and he fell on the wall i scratched zayn on his face and then i scratched his legs i then got of him.he tried getting up but couldnt because of the scratches i smelled blood i headed to it it was layn he was human and vampire but mostly human i ran up to him grabbed his head pushed it to the left and then put my fangs into his neck he screamed so loud i heard someone come down the stairs i kept sucking layns blood when i was pulled off him i look at who it was harry i tried getting back to layn but i couldn't Louis took layn and Liam took zayn i now realized that i like vampire blood and human blood but hated animal blood.i got on harrys back and he fell down i then sucked his blood until i got pulled away again.

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