The love story sequel to one direction vampires

This is the sequel of one direction vampires
I just ate 20 people i almost killed zayn and layn i had to run away forever


12. Chloe

16 years later~~~

layns pov(he's 18)i got ready for school and exited to meet my best friend Chloe shes the best and she 18 like me!.but I haven't told her that I'm a vampire and human.i told mom and dad goodbye and got my skateboard and rode it to school.on e i got there Chloe was there with her skateboard.i said hi Chloe.she said hi layn.i said we better get to class before we get late.she said yep.we ran inside and got to our class.(they have the same classes)i sat down on my desk next to Chloe's and talked to Chloe for a long time when the teacher wasnt looking.after school i told Chloe will you go out with me?.she hugged me and said yes.i can smell her blood.she let go and said bye.she left riding her skateboard and i did too.


sorry for the short chapter i had no more ideas ill update tommorow-samanthaluvsharry

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