Universal Rants

This me ranting about anything in general. Most of it will be about movellas though.


5. Rant #5

One direction fan fictions.

Yes, the time has come, to step forth and complain about everything to do with these self proclaimed "books"

1D fan fiction has taken over movellas (yes, its complete, they have gained total control). Even with our small resistance they have still taken over. No matter how many anti-fanfics we write, how many groups we create, how many times we report to the staff. They have gained domination.

The number of one direction fanfictions has been increasing rapidly, every day, I estimate another 20 are "written". It takes a lot to get one erotica filled fan fic taken down, and by that time another 80 have taken its place. We are being over whelmed, and there is nothing we can do about it. But will I give up? will you give up? No, because we are a stubborn lot and won't take no for an answer.

Ok, just getting things straight, its the erotica filled, over used plots/characters and bad spelling/grammar etc. that I want taken down. Otherwise I'm fine with them.

I am constantly sorting through the slush they call the fan fiction genre, trying to find some hidden gem of a fanfic that's been buried in the other crap. I have not yet prevailed. Its been terrible after terrible. I am desperate to find something, whether it be Harry Potter (prefered) or 1D, I dont care, just give me something I can critique without feeling bad. Bah, like thats going to happen. I can barely find any good HP fan fics.

Anyway, I'm going to leave it at that for now, I will probably add to it in later chapters.

Rant over.

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