Universal Rants

This me ranting about anything in general. Most of it will be about movellas though.


2. Rant #2


Another thing that  gets on my nerves are over used plot-lines and character bios.


I am getting sick and tired of reading the same plot over and over again. There is hardly any originality between them, and it's not just 1D fan fics I'm talking about. Novelists do it to. The basic fnatasy plot-line is, a kingdom isbeing taken over by darkness, and the kings son is sent to a far away village to live with commoners. When the character becomes a certain age, a wizard shows up and takes them on a journey to get back the throne. sigh. BORRRRIIIIIIIIINGGGGGGGG! More originality please. Another cliche is the romance, she loves him, he falls for her, they live happily ever after. Another snooze fest.

Then there is the one we all know and hate: 1D CLICHES! One of the band members fall in love with MC, and they live happily ever after. Or she starts off hating them, but then slowly falls for them. UGH! makes me sick. If I found an ORIGINAL 1D fan fiction, I swear that I will read it to the end. Sadly, that will probably never happen.


A good friend of mine on another site calles them Mary-sue and Pity-sue. Mary-sue is the typical perfect girl, drop dead gorgeous, popular and rich, cough slut cough. Pity-sue is the girl who is either; an orphan, parents are druggies or alcoholics, dad beats her etc. Then she runs away and a John Smith finds her and falls in love with her. John smith is the male version of Mary-sue, hot, muscly, captain of some sport team etc. John Smith and Mary-sue are always drawn to each other.

Whatever happened to imperfect characters? The cute girl with braces, the sweet computer geek, the boy whose ears stick out slightly and has a short nose and glasses? I miss those characters.

The reason she calls them Mary-sue and John smith, because they are both common names and common characters.

Rant over.

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