Universal Rants

This me ranting about anything in general. Most of it will be about movellas though.


1. Rant #1

My first rant, don't blame me if I'm terrible.

What I really hate is when people write a movella and when describing what the character is wearing they just post a picture below saying, "she is wearing this below", and yes I'm going to say she becuase I've yet to find one where its a boy character. (seeing as the majority of MC genders are female). Is it beyond your mental capability to DESCIBE what a person's wearing? Are you really that lazy?

Another thing thats linked to this is people who post pictures they found on google, and say that this is what one of the characters look like. What would happen if that person was on movellas? Again are you really that lazy? You can't call yourself a writer if you do this. Though drawings you did yourself are OK! But still, I prefer it if the character is described in the text properly.

Rant over.

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