Blood Line

The story is inspired by "The Hunger Games" franchise and the film "Battle Royale." The story revolves around the character "Death" (who is also commonly depicted as the Grim Reaper) and his decisions which ultimately forms the plot of "Blood Line."


1. Prologue

Everything was shrouded with dust and remnants of players. The river drenched in crimson blood, it resembled the red sea. The air filled with the foul stench of rotting flesh, the sky itself cried endless days and nights until every corpse was buried in mud and earth. 26 players eliminated, 74 remain. That bloody night I wished I never laid eyes onto something so atrocious, something so repulsive. Until I saw it. The silhouette of a person cursing to the heavens (or what it seemed like). I approached cautiously towards the faint shadow in the distance through the dust clouds and carcasses, until I realise the path in front of me acting as a wisp of the forest. My anxiety was no more than a burden at this point, but it was also what’s been keeping me alive. I followed. The trail of blood leads me to an unconvincing field of white roses, embellished with the intruding colour of red. The clouds of dust began to lighten up for my eyes to unfold the enigma that lies beyond that shadow. As I tighten my muscles and calmed the beating of my heart, I saw her…

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