Skylin is a Montainian in the Alborn Galaxy. All her life her parents have controlled her life and tried to make her like them, but with no success. Skylin has her mind set on leaving her home planet to travel the galaxy with her friend Rocka. But when they leave their planet, the galaxy isnt as wonderful as they had imagined. It is filled with greed and darkness that tries to fight its way into every planet known to anyone, anywhere. As Rocka and Skylin get sucked into some of the darkness, they have ups and downs of their own. Trust is broken, friends may be lost and skills are developed. As long as Skylin's flame still glows, she has the hope and strength for anything she faces.


10. Rooms and Training

Troy brought us to sub-section B room number 53. Our room. Troy pressed the door button and it opened up a dark room. He turned on the lights and I gasped. The room was huge! There was a bed on either side of the room, sitting space, a large bathroom, and all our stuff was there, luckily there was a spot for every single thing we had brought with us in the ship. I looked at Rocka with a huge smile on my face, "This is freaking awesome!" I turned around to see Troy just nodding his head and smirking as he watched us flip out over our new home, "Common lets get some training in before dinner." We smiled at him as we walked out. On our way to the training room we were talking to Troy about home and how he came here, "Yah I have been here for a couple of years. Me and my friend Mox were in the Metorix Galaxy visiting the planet Glora and we got into some trouble with a couple of soldiers and thats when Anito found us and brought us here," I smiled, "Will we meet Mox?" He looked at me with his smirk, "Yah and you can meet Tryn." I smiled and gave him a nod, Rocka's eyes darted from side to side for a bit before she spoke up, "Um w-who is Tryn?" He looked at her, "She is a good friend of mine," She nodded slowly, 
"N-not your girlfriend right?" He laughed, "No no just a friend, though I think her and Mox may have a thing" He then winked at Rocka. As we came back into the training room I was in awe like when I had first looked at it, "So basically how it works is you pick a station that has an opening and then practice for as long as you'd like and then there are the competition areas, I wouldn't suggest getting into those yet because you just got here" We nodded and then he ran off. I looked at Rocka who was looking at him as he left us in the training area, "Really? You just me the guy!" She looked at me and her green cheeks went a little darker as she blushed, "Im sorry. I don't know there is just something about him that I really like." I rolled my eyes, "Lets just go train please. I am going to through knives, there is target shooting right next to it if you want to do that." She smiled, "OK" We walked in silence to our training areas. When I arrived at the knife throwing area I looked over at all the different knives that were there and smiled. Piece of cake. I picked up three medium bladed knives and started throwing them at the human shaped target ahead of me with each knife hitting the heart target directly. When I was in school throwing knives was my favourite. I smiled when I had finished the medium knives, proud of my work. But when I picked up a large knife and threw it at the throat of the figure my entire body froze and a large welt grew in the back of my throat. I tried to swallow it but it just got bigger. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Rocka look at me with a smile on her face and then when she saw what was going on she ran over and started yelling at me, only I couldn't hear anything she was saying. She tried to shake me out of my trance but I fell to the floor and when my eyes closed all I saw were my parents' dead bodies. 

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