Skylin is a Montainian in the Alborn Galaxy. All her life her parents have controlled her life and tried to make her like them, but with no success. Skylin has her mind set on leaving her home planet to travel the galaxy with her friend Rocka. But when they leave their planet, the galaxy isnt as wonderful as they had imagined. It is filled with greed and darkness that tries to fight its way into every planet known to anyone, anywhere. As Rocka and Skylin get sucked into some of the darkness, they have ups and downs of their own. Trust is broken, friends may be lost and skills are developed. As long as Skylin's flame still glows, she has the hope and strength for anything she faces.


9. Arriving at OPUS

We had been following Anito for two days now, when would we get there?! I was losing patience because anxiousness filled the atmosphere of our ship, "Skylin calm down Im sure we will be there soon." I nodded, "Im sorry I just want to be there." She shrugged, "Me too." There was a moment of silence between us, "Im sorry for taking you into that bar Sky.. I know you don't like them I just thought it would be fun after all thats happened recently." I looked at her for a moment, "It's ok, I really should lighten up a bit." When I looked forward again I saw Anito's ship dip towards a small planet off to the right of us, "Rocka that's it! That's where she is taking us!" I felt so happy and relieved, "Sky I have no idea what planet that is.. I have never seen that planet on any map before," My eyes widened, "What does that mean?" Rocka was very serious now, "I don't know but I don't like it." After an hour or so we made it into the planets atmosphere and continued to follow Anito's ship to a large mountain side that seemed to open up as we approached. When we landed inside Anito was waiting for us, "Welcome to OPUS girls." As I looked at our surroundings we were in a gigantic training facility. Hundreds of people from all over the galaxy were here training with the widest variety of weapons I have ever seen, "So what exactly is OPUS?" asked Rocka breaking my train of thought, "Well right now we are in the training facility as you can see, but OPUS is a place for skilled people who are on their own path looking for their place in the universe. We take them in and train them for combat as we fight against the society and rules that those ahead try to put down." Honestly thats how I felt and I liked what she was doing here, "So we are rebels then," Rocka said with a straight face, "Kind of, what those who are higher up oder is not fair to everyone around because they only consider themselves. We want to stop that and show what they are doing is unfair," We nodded and Anito smiled, "Well Troy will show you to your rooms and then you can come back here to do some training before dinner," Troy stepped up and I was impressed, he was very tall with dark green scales and reptile eyes. Honestly he kind of scared me, "Come on lets go," He said with a slithery voice. As Rocka and I followed him she spoke up, "Where are you from?" He looked over his shoulder at us for a second, "Boamine. You?" She smiled,"Montain." He stopped in his tracks and turned around to look at us, "Im very sorry to hear what happened to your planet." I nodded, "So are you a true Boamine?" He shook his head and grinned slightly, "Nope only half, Mom was a Boa Dad was a Litra - Water breather - though both from the same planet," I smiled, "Thats pretty cool," Rocka nodded in agreement, "I am a Spek and Skylin is a Montainian," Troy's eyes widened, "An actual Montainian?!" I nodded, "Guilty but yes, I know that Im kinda a rare species," He nodded and then kept walking, "the sooner I show you to your rooms the sooner you get to try the new training equipment" He smiled at us over his should as we ran to catch up.

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