Skylin is a Montainian in the Alborn Galaxy. All her life her parents have controlled her life and tried to make her like them, but with no success. Skylin has her mind set on leaving her home planet to travel the galaxy with her friend Rocka. But when they leave their planet, the galaxy isnt as wonderful as they had imagined. It is filled with greed and darkness that tries to fight its way into every planet known to anyone, anywhere. As Rocka and Skylin get sucked into some of the darkness, they have ups and downs of their own. Trust is broken, friends may be lost and skills are developed. As long as Skylin's flame still glows, she has the hope and strength for anything she faces.


4. Aqua River

When i arrived at the river i was mesmerized by its beauty, i haven't come in years. I have to get the crystal before Rocka comes home i thought to myself, so i jumped in. I let the water carry me down the river to the spot with the crystals. It was pretty easy for me to do this because I can breath underwater. If you are a True-Montain you can, it's a nice upside. 

I dove down into the water and looked around and saw two small crystals that were perfect. i went to grab them and surprisingly they came out quite easily. I then got out of the water and ran back to my speeder. Since i had nothing to help me keep track of time i knew i just had to be out of there quickly so i was home when Rocka and my parents got back. 

As i was driving back towards the city center i saw smoke. That's strange, i thought to myself and started to speed up so i could see the cause. As i got closer to the city i heard screams, gunshots and smelt fire. I pulled out my two pistols from my hips and sped towards home. The house wasn't on fire but as i grew closer to my house i saw two Trayx walk into my house, "NO!" i screamed and the both turned around and started firing. i dodged some and shot the one on the left in the chest and he fell to the round. Then the other Trayx turned around and ran into the house. i got off my speeder and sprinted into my house. i i had my guns up ready to shoot the Trayx scum once i saw him.

As i ran into my kitchen i saw my parents huddled together on the kitchen floor. "mom dad!" i yelled they looked at me with tears in their eyes and i realized the scumbag was standing infront of them with a gun pointed right at them. "NO!" i yelled and shot the Trayx in the shoulder he screamed in pain and then shot both my parents. "NO!" i screamed again and ran at him and kicked him in the gut and shot his chest. I then ran to my parents, tears rolling down my face trying to shake them back to life but the stayed dead. I knew there was nothing i could do. I just hugged their bodies saying, "mom dad come back to me please, i need you!" then Rocka ran in with her guns up, "Skylin! oh my gosh sky! i'm so sorry are you OK !" she can to my side and gathered me in her arms as i sobbed at what i had witnessed. "Sky they are coming" Rocka said after i had somewhat calmed down. "They aren't going to touch us Ro." was all i said. Then i stood up and then three Trayx ran in the house. I shot all three down and then another seven came in. Rocka and i shot down three of them but we couldn't keep up against these ones. They were more skilled and they had us on our knees with our hands behind our back in no time. They explained that were to not leave the house unless escorted. we nodded and then they left. they took our guns and left us in my trashed house with my parents bodies on the floor. 


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