The Life of Danielle Bradbery

Its about Danielle Bradbery, the season 4 winner of the voice!


2. Why does America love Danielle Bradbery?

Four seasons in, and The Voice has finally run into a child prodigy it can’t dismiss, someone whose look-at-me youth isn’t hiding a lack of listen-to-me talent. And Danielle shouldn’t be dismissed — girl can sing. But she shouldn’t win, either — girl can only sing. Her performance style is generously described as repetitive and less generously described as nonexistent. The fact that she is on a stage, in front of an audience, often surrounded by fake scenery and backup singers is all irrelevant. Worse, as far as America knows Danielle can only sing one thing: mid-tempo, mid-aughts country-pop. Last Monday, Danielle sang Tim McGraw’s “Please Remember Me.” Afterward, Blake Shelton, her coach, stood up and clapped and clapped and clapped. “You don’t have any weaknesses in your singing,” he told her. “How the heck is that possible?”


Sure, it’s unfair to say America loves child prodigies, because I don’t know every American. But in a singing competition watched by an average of more than 10 million people weekly, Danielle is thriving. Why? She’s young, she’s sweet, and she doesn’t have a lot of experience. As a 16-year-old is the subtext to pretty much every non-musical interaction Danielle has with host Carson Daly, the coaches, her colleague-contestants, and America. And in a synergistic stroke of packaging as old as American Idol itself, Danielle shows up each week to sing a song that we all fondly semi-remember from high school dances and music videos on GAC (remember GAC?) and then we buy them on iTunes, which in turn boosts her popularity, because The Voice counts iTunes sales as votes. The show won’t release numbers, though, because the numbers double as votes, so that would ruin everything, basically.

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