Trying To Be Drama Free

With the wildness of One Direction and adding all the girlfreinds and all the drama. Theres nothing drama free.


2. My Love?

Emily's POV

I stared at him. Just standing there. 

"I think you've got the wrong house," I started to shut the door slowly.

He put is foot in front of the door, "Your Emily... Right?"


Caityln jumped out behind him, "She my hawwwtie!" 

I jumped with fear. "Caitlyn!" 

"Harry this is my best friend Emi," She said pushing through Harry to give me a hug. 

"Where should I--" Louis started

Louis sat there and stared at me.

Louis's POV

I stared at her. She's beautiful. I caught myself staring at her so I stopped and finishied my sentence "Where should I go to get to the coffee shop.. like what road?".

She was blushing.

"Go to the one down the street. Its the best and they dont yell and scream!" She said with a smirk.

"Thanks. Whats your name?" I asked 

"Emily," She said.

Im in love.

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