The Witch' and The Werewolf

Aella Stark has the life she's always wanted. She gets to share her passion for animals, art, and potography with the students she teaches everyday, she has a loving and supportive friends that want her to be nothing but happy in life, and she's happy being a strong independent woman and not having to rely on anyone for help for anything. But all that changes when Drace Blake comes to town and gets a job at the school she works out. He is a handsome stranger who captivates Aella but she doesn't know why and she doesn't know why she is dreaming of him even before they've met.


1. Him

  I could feel him above me. His worm soft skin just barely gliding over mine. I could feel his eyes on my face as he slid his hands down my side touching my soft skin as I moaned softly.

    "You're so gorgeous." He told me as I could feel him leaning forward, as he placed a hot kisses along my neck making me moan softly again and I heard him chuckle softly. I felt like I was on fire but in a great way but the strange part was that I didn't even know his name yet he could make me feel better then anyone ever could. I opened my eyes and saw his beautiful emerald colored eyes. His lips looked swollen from all the kissing we've done. He had soft caramel colored skin with shaggy black hair that stopped just above his eyebrows but looked amazing. As I looked in his eyes I could see the desire in them, which reflected the amount of desire mine held.

   He kept his body above me, his skin just barely touching mine as he kissed down my neck as I ran my hands over his back. He wasn't bulky but he was had very define muscles in his back and shoulders. I gentle slid my nails down his back to his slim waist causing him to let out a deep groan as he softly bit my neck.

  "Beep! Beep! Beep!" I opened my eyes and slammed my hand down on my alarm clock.

  "Ugh!" I grumbled sitting up in bed. I've had the same dream for the past six months with the same guy in it and we do the same thing. It was weird because I had no idea who he was or anything else about him I've never even seen him before in my life. I got out of bed and walked to my dresser. I opened one of the drawers and grabbed out a black thong and black bra then I closed it and opened another then grabbed out a cute white tank top, after I grabbed the tank top I walked over to my closet and grabbed out my black yoga pants, the folded part was gray and had love on the back in blue letters and had hearts all over it in blue it was pretty. I walked over to the bathroom and started the shower. I'm 22 years old and I'm 5'6" I have long black shinny soft hair, with bright Caribbean blue eyes and soft tan skin and I'm skinny and fit. I work at a private school and I teach kids how to ride and take care of horses, I teach photography, both of them are my passion and I made a lot of money. After I got out the shower, which was thirty minutes later, I dried my hair then straightened it and got dressed. Then put on light goldish brown eyeshadow, black eye liner, and black mascara. I grabbed my keys, purse, cell phone, then slipped on my flip flops.

  I got to my job forty five minutes later because I stopped by Star Bucks and got me a Strawberry and Cream Frap and got my best friend a Vanilla Bean Frap. When I walked in she was at the front desk on the phone like she usually is when I come to work.

   "Okay, I'll see you when I get home, Love you bye." She hung up as I handed her, her frap, "Thank you." She smiled at me as I put my drink along with my purse and keys on the counter.

  "Anytime hun, so Maria how is Jeff?" I asked her. Maria is 5'6" she has shoulder length light brown hair, and warm brown eyes and soft white skin and she's skinny also.

  "He's good and says hi by the way." She answered as I put my keys into my purse and took a drink of my frap, "oh and by the way there is a new teacher here today and Mike want's you too show him around." She informed me.

  "What's his name?" I asked looking at her.

  "Drace Blake he's the new language arts teacher." She smiled at me, "and he's smokin' hot." She winked as I lifted my purse and drink off the counter.

  "Wow Maria." I laughed as I walked away from the desk towards my class room.

  "He's in the teachers lounge!" She yelled to me.

  "Okay thanks!" I yelled walking down the hall towards my class. If you walk out the side door in my class you were  fifteen feet away from the stables where there were twelve horse's. I walked in put my stuff down on my desk then walked back down the hall towards the teachers lounge. I could hear my flip flops flopping as I walked down the brightly lit hall. When I got the door I opened it and looked around and didn't see the guy but when I turned around I bumped into someone and when I looked up it was him. The guy from my dreams and I felt warm sparks go threw my body when he put his hand on my lower back so I wouldn't fall.

  "You!" I exclaimed and he looked confused then before anything else could be said I took off back towards my room and I shut the door and just stood there breathing. Then the bell rang and I heard a knock on my door and when I looked over I saw my students waiting to be let in for class.

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