best summer ever

18 year old maddie and abby have the best summer ever when they meet the boys of there dreams


8. chapter 8

maddies p.o.v 

i woke up in nialls room he had his arms wrapped around my i smiled and got up he moved a little but he rolled over and got up to i smiled "hey princess" he said in his cute morning voice."goodmorning" i said he grabbed my hand and we walked into the kitchen were abby and louis were waiting. "GUESS WHAT" abby yelled "what?" me and niall both said "LOUIS SAID WE CAN GO ON TOUR WITH THEM" she screamed "AHHHHHHHH" i yelled. i was so happy i cant belive we are going on tour with them i hugged niall and he was smiling. abby made us pancakes. me and niall ate it really fast and ran around the house going crazy.

abbys p.o.v 

i woke up louis was in the kitchen. i walked in to him on the phone. "yea.ok.sure.alright.thank you." he said as he hung up he smiled at me "yuor coming on tour with us" he said i yelled. "omg really i cant belive it" i smiled niall and maddie came out hand in hand i told them and they freaked they started running around playing tag they were so cute together. louis grabbed me from behind and we walked into the living room. we sat down on the couch and he kissed me i smiled and he put in a movie. we cuddled and we heard maddie yell "YOU WILL NEVER CATCH ME YOU LITTLE IRISH POTATOE!!" she yelled we all laughed i fell asleep on the couch and i woke up as louis took me to the bed he smiled and we layed down and i fell asleep to the sound of his heart beat.

*hey guys sorry for the short chapter i have to wake up at 4 tmr*

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