best summer ever

18 year old maddie and abby have the best summer ever when they meet the boys of there dreams


6. chapter 6

maddies p.o.v 

i woke up it was really cold i walked into the living room where the computer was i was in the mood for dancing so i turned on sexy back by justin timberlake i put it on full blast and started to dance and be crazy niall walked in and started laughing he joined in and abby and louis woke up and walked in abby and louis were red from laughing so hard me and niall started laughing. me and niall started to hip thrust and he started to scream "WERE BRINGING SEXY BACK" niall screamed i laughed. niall picked me up and turned off the music and started to carry me out to the pool. when we reached the pool i was screaming and trying to squirm out of his arms. he laughed "your not getting away" he said while holding me tighter "i sware niall if you through me into th-" i said. i was cut off as he threw me into the pool i went under but before i could come up and yell at him niall was already jumping in "kowabunga" he screamed before landing in the water i laughed he popped back up and swam over to me. he put his arms around me and then picked me up and threw me again i laughed as i came up. we went under togther we opened our eyes he pulled me close and kissed me under water. i thought that was the cutest thing ever.

nialls p.o.v

i pulled maddie close as we went under water i kissed her for a hwile then she tapped my shoulder she needed to breath we came up and she smiled i pulled her close and kissed her again we got out of the water and grabbed some towels we walked inside to see abby and louis on the couch kissing we started to whistle abby pulled away and they smiled my arm was around maddie "go away" louis said. me and maddie laughed and walked to her  room she needed to get changed. i sat on her bed and looked at her. she looked at me and smirked "look away" i smiled and covered my face with my hands she took off her shirt and pants and got some new ones when she was putting on her shirt i was peeking she put on her shirt. after she put her shirt on she slapped me but gently "i saw you peeking" she laughed "im sorry i couldnt help it" i said while giving her my puppy dog face. she laughed and we went to my room and i changed but she was aloud to look i took off my shirt and she was staring at me in awe "like what you see" she smiled "yesh yesh i do" she smiled i laughed i pulled on a new shirt and grabbed her and kissed her "i love you maddie i know i have only known you for a day but your my princess" she smiled "i love you to" she said to me we layed on my bed i twirled her hair and kissed her forehead louis and abby walked in they were gonna go swim we said ok but me and maddie just layed there and cuddled. i really did love her.

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