best summer ever

18 year old maddie and abby have the best summer ever when they meet the boys of there dreams


5. chapter 5

maddies p.o.v

when the boys took of there hoodies and shades me and abby freaked its was niall horan and louis tomlinson. "AHHHHHHHHH-" "SHHHHHHH" we were cut off by them they covered our mouths." we just want to have a normal summer ok" they said we nooded. i hugged niall and abby did the same. i was so shocked that i was meeting my idols they were so calm they asked if they could stay with us and we said yes me and abby lived in our own apartment since our dad was never home he was always traveling. we were walking to the car when niall grabbed my hand i fliped out inside i wanted to just scream but instead i smiled. louis put his arm around abby and she looked at me and mouthed im gonna die i started to laugh. we reached the car and louis and abby sat up front and me and niall sat in the back.

abbys p.o.v 

i climbed into the drivers spot and started to drive niall and maddie passed out in the back, and louis put his hand on my leg i was freaking on the inside. i pulled up into the garage and parked. we all got out and me and louis woke up maddie and niall they got out and we walked into the house. it wasnt very big but it was cozy ok maybe it was hudge but i loved it and so did we walked in louis and niall smiled "THIS HOUSE IS AWESOME" they screamed we laughed maddie and niall were gonna be sleeping in the same room and me and louis were gonna be sleeping in the same room unless they wanted to sleep on the couch which was pretty big to. it was getting late but we did have extra rooms for boys sooo we should them those. they said they wanted to stay in the guest so we let them stay there they kissed us on the cheek it was so cute me and abby walked to our rooms and said goodnight. i just couldnt belive i meet one direction and they were in my house!!! i feel asleep to niall laughing at something. 

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