best summer ever

18 year old maddie and abby have the best summer ever when they meet the boys of there dreams


2. chapter 2

maddies p.o.v 

when i woke up i put on my bathing suit and put my strawberry blonde hair into a messy bun.abby came into my room already ready to go she had the beach bags, towels, and chairs. we walked out of the house and got into the car. abby wanted to drive so i got into the passengers seat when we arrived at the beach it wasnt that and abby got out and grabbed the bags and headed down to the beach to find the perfect spot.i put my chair down in the spot i thought was the one abby had sat her stuff down to . we took of our shirts and shorts and layed down on the chair to tan. "this is amazing its warm and beautiful" abby said in awe i laughed "i know right" i smiled and we put in our headphones.

abbys p.o.v 

as me and maddie put in our headphones i could feel the breeze it felt good it was nice.i opened my eyes and tapped maddie on the shoulder. Her eyes shot open "come on lets go in the water"i pleaded she smiled "ok come on" she said while jumping out of her seat. I laughed as maddie didnt even hesitate to jump into the water she just fell in i was laughing really hard, but then i jumped in it felt awesome. me and maddie swam out pretty far and started playing around we splashed each other when all of a sudden maddie stops and stares. "maddie are you ok"i said worried she smiled and screamed "look at those beach babes" i laughed as she swam to shore i went after her. she reached the boys and started to flirt the blonde one was sooo checking her out but the brunnete was staring at me. i blushed and smiled. they had on shades and hoodies which i dont see how they did it was hot outside. they sat with us and talked it was normal cause we all had britsh accents except maddie and the blonde one.then they took off there shades and hoodies and me and maddie freaked.....

*heyyy cliffhanger sorry lol not in the best mood i had someone in my family die today just trying to make the day brighter :)*

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