best summer ever

18 year old maddie and abby have the best summer ever when they meet the boys of there dreams


1. chapter 1

abbys p.o.v

Me and maddie sat on my bed since we were sisters she spent most of her time in my room we got along really well even though we werent blood related. We adopted maddie when she was 11 so she has been with me for awhile,but  yea we are the best sisters we obsess over this boy band named one direction. They are the most cutiest and most talented people on the planted maddie was deeply in love with niall, and i was in love with louis we had our fangirl moments, but yea me and maddie were perfect sisters. As we sat on my bed maddie started jumping around she has always been like this she is crazy and wild, she started to jump and sing and then she started laughing i was giggling at her i looked at my phone it was late at night it was already 4:30 in the morning i told maddie but we werent tired she plopped down next to me "so what should we do for the first day of summer " maddie asked me in her irish accent i was british and she was irish it kinda just worked out "ummmm we should go to the beach!!!" i yelled she smiled. "per-fect" she said while snaping her fingers. i laughed we sat there for a while then we got on our phones.

maddies p.o.v 

We sat there after we had planned to go to the beach we both got on our phones i started to check instagram nothing new same old same old boring stuff some cool things but nothing new i got off of instagram and texted my friend lillie who i haven seen in a long time since you know i was adopted but i texted her and like usual she read it but no reply that made me soo mad i wanted to bite someone but dont get me wrong im so happy i have a family i love my new home and abby being my sister is awesome. We get along so well and we never fight but when we do its about stupid things like who last did what but yea we laugh it off. i got a txt from abby saying that she was gonna go to bed cause we need sleep i laughed "abby your sitting right next to me you could have just said it" i laughed "but its fun on the phone" i laughed and said goodnight. i walked into my room which didnt look much different from abbys we both had our walls covered in one direction posters i smiled at the poster next to me it was a niall poster he makes me go crazy i get so tingly when i see him or hear his name. i climbed into my bed and checked my phone like always i turned it off and fell asleep listen to pretend its ok by little mix i driffted to sleep and waited for summer to begin.

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