Year One (A short Story)

One Direction Book!! Diagnosed with Cancer Kathleen who only has exactly one year to live meet a guy. He was so cute and charming, and funny. Only did she find out that he was part of the One Direction group. Faced with the time running out Niall tries to give Kathleen the year of her life, and tries to help her fight this!


3. Setting In

I got home, and my Dad stood up from his chair. "What happened, Jessie went straight up to his room, grabbed somethings and left"

My mom started crying, again. I have never really been one of those people to cry infront of others, something about it made me feel weak, and stupid, I hated that feeling. My mom handed him the paper, it explained what I had, and the different treatments. My dad wasn't really one to cry either. He just stood there like I had when I found out. I felt empty, and I couldn't breath, everything went blurry, and it wasn't because I was sick. It was almost an indescribable  feeling that you will never know.

I ran up to my room, and started dialing Jessie's number. There was no answer. I went to the one place that I knew he would be. It took me twenty minutes, but I finally got there. When we were younger we built a fort out in the middle of nowhere that no one else will ever know about, we hadn't even told out parents.I opened the little door, and there he was sitting there looking at all of the old scrapbooks that we had. He was crying, and it broke me to pieces. He was always so strong, and tough. I finally knew that it was okay to cry. My knee's started shaking and then they caved in underneath me. He ran over to me immediately, "Kathleen!!" He started patting my back, "It is going to be okay, I promise!"

"Jessie! No it isn't our family can't afford this, the only way that we can is to use your college fund, and there is no fucking way that I will ever let that happen. I am going to die either way, and I would rather die knowing that I didn't take away one of the most important thing in your life! I can't do this, I am not strong enough, but trust me I wish I was"

"You can't give up hope just like that! We will get the money I promise, even if it means I have to take up a third job. I am not going to let my baby sister die like this!"


"Kathleen! I told you that I would always protect you, and haven't I? I have never let a single thing or person hurt you, and I don't plan on starting now! You are so strong and I know that you can do this! You pulled threw on the accident, and you will pull threw on this too! You are my baby sister, I love you, and I am not going to let this hurt you, I am not going to let this take you away from me!"

This made me start to cry even more, I love my brother more then anything. (We haven't always had the best childhood. My mom was a single mother with me, and my brother, and she did everything that she could to protect us, and give us everything that we needed, even if it meant in non rational ways. My mom started as a prostitute, and left me and my brother alone ever single night, and sometime she would bring strange men home. My brother new what was happening, and did his best to try and keep it from me. Then she started getting into drugs. She would always start to sketch out, and talk to herself. One night she left me and my brother alone, and we went out for a walk. My brother had to go to the washroom so he went inside the restaurant well I waited outside for him. I was shot twice, and mugged, I was only 12 years old. He took everything I had on me, which to tell you the truth wasn't anything. I had ten dollars on me, and when he found that out he shot me for the second time. I don't remember much, I remember feeling the blood rush threw the spaces on my hands. I remember feeling the bullet break threw the layer of my flesh. I saw a man walk up to me, and hold the gun to my face. He pulled the mask off of it, and smiled at me. I man tackled him to the side of me, and there he was laying face to face, only a couple inches away from me on the ground. Swearing, and trying to get up, I heard my brother start screaming for me, and then nothing. I woke up two days later in the hospital, my mother was out still, and my brother was by my side. The man that had tackled the mugger, was standing outside talking to the cops. He was a nice man, maybe in his late 20's. He looked over, and smiled at me threw the glass window in my room. 6 months later that man became my father. He stayed with me, and my brother while my mother went to rehab. It was nice having someone there for a change. It wasn't the first time she had been there, but it was the last. She has been clean for 4 years now.)


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