Year One (A short Story)

One Direction Book!! Diagnosed with Cancer Kathleen who only has exactly one year to live meet a guy. He was so cute and charming, and funny. Only did she find out that he was part of the One Direction group. Faced with the time running out Niall tries to give Kathleen the year of her life, and tries to help her fight this!


6. Make A Wish

I couldn't sleep threw the night, the pain was starting to kick in more, and more every day.  "Dress nice today!" My mom said as she gobbed on more make up in the mirror. "They said that you picture is going to be in the paper."

That is the last thing I need to be, a astupid charity case that everyone knows about. I put on a pair of dazy dukes, and a simple black tank top. I curled my hair, and didn't bother to do my make up. I had no time to anyways, the Limo driver was already down stairs.

Niall's POV

"Boys! There is thisd cute girl staying in the hotel, I got her number last night, and she can sing to!" Niall said while they all got ready to head to the hospital.

"Maybe she will come over tonight, and hang out with us if she is still here!" Harry said nudging, and winking at Niall.

"She was so beautiful, and I hope I can see her again before we have to go!"

"Did she even know who you are?" Liam asked

"I don't think so, she barely gave me a second glance when she saw me"

The boys laughed.

"Boys it is time to head to the hospital to meet this girl" There agent said parading them all toward the door of the room.

I honestly hate when she drags, and pushed me around like this, it is so annoying, and I can walk by myself.


Kathleen's POV


It was a half hour drive to the hospital with all the traffic in the city. My mom had already helped herself to all of the snacks in the Limo. The checkup went by really fast, it was just to make sure that there wasn't any new developments, and to make sure that I can still preform the treatments.

It was weird but I couldn't stop thinking about the guy I met last night, he was so cute, and he asked for my number. In a weird way I kind of wanted him to call me, but in another way I wished that he wouldn't. There is no point in me liking a guy in the situation that I am in.


I was sitting up on the check up bed, when a guy walked in followed by four more. They all smiled at me but the last one of them caught my eye. It was Niall, "Kathleen?! What are you doing here?" He asked me really surprised.

"I am the girl from Make a Wish" I said pausing, as all of the boys looked at me and then Niall.

"Hey I am Louis" He said as he walked up to my bed, and started playing with the controls to my bed making it go back and forth, and up and down.

"That looks like so much fun, can I try?!" Louis asked almost sounding like an excited 7 year old.

"Yeah sure go right ahead!" I laughed, as he basically jumped over me to get on the bed. Niall's eyes never left me.

"So Niall tells us that you can sing?" Harry said

"Oh did he now?" I asked laughing and looking at Niall

He hit Harry, and shrugged with a cute smile on his face that he seemed to always have.

"Would you mind singing for us?" Zayn asked as he stepped closer towards me.

"Uhm.." I said kind of unsure about it

"Oh come on! You sounded so good last night Kathleen" Niall said still not taking his eyes off of me.

"Well what should I sing?" I asked looking at all of the boys, Louis was still playing with the bed.

"How about the one you were singing last night? I brought my guitar, we were going to play a song for you anyways"

He came, and sat down on the chair beside me, and started playing the opening. I took a deep breath, and just started singing. I started with my eyes closed, and when the boys started cheering me on I got more confident about it. Harry joined in with me, and then so did the rest of the boys. The time went by so fast, and we all laughed and had such a good time, they were nothing like I thought they would be.  "Kathleen how would you like to sing on stage with us tomorrow?" Zayn asked me, "Uhhh sure"

Okay we will come pick you up at your room around 7:00 is that okay?"

I nodded kind of nervous about what I just agreed to. All of the boys started walking out of the room except for Niall.

"Niall, how come you didn't tell me you were in One Direction?"

"I thought you would go all boy crazy like the rest of the fans do... How come you didn't tell me that you were who One Direction was coming to see?"

"I guess it never really came up.."

"If you don't mind me asking, what kind of cancer do you have?"

"Pancreatic, if I go threw all my treatments I have a 30% chance of survival, and if they don't work I have one year" I said with trouble, it still didn't feel real, and I didn't want to except the fact.

He stopped and looked at me "You would of never even guessed that by looking at you, you are just.. so beautiful. Could I take you on a date tonight?" He asked me as he grabbed the back of his neck, it was kind of cute the way he did it, you could always tell he was nervous when he did it.


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