Year One (A short Story)

One Direction Book!! Diagnosed with Cancer Kathleen who only has exactly one year to live meet a guy. He was so cute and charming, and funny. Only did she find out that he was part of the One Direction group. Faced with the time running out Niall tries to give Kathleen the year of her life, and tries to help her fight this!


2. Knowing

We left the room, the doctor holding my back, and patting it. "Kathleen, you are the best candidate that we have here. You have the highest chances of survival that we have ever seen at this hospital."

"30% is the highest?"

"We don't see this cancer that often, usually it happens as a freak thing, or has something to do with family genes,"

My mother stopped for a second when he said that.

"Kathleen!" I heard my brother yell from the other side of the hallway. "Mom he doesn't know yet! I don't think that I can tell him." She wasn't even looking at me anymore, she was with the doctor.

My brother ran up to me. "Are you okay mom texted me telling me that something serious happened, but you look fine."

"Jessie" I stopped my self choaking over the words that I knew had to be told. "I have cancer"

I said, I don't know how I managed to get those three simple words out of my mouth."

His face went expressionless, and I could tell he was growing angry. "But they can fix it right? You are going to be fine? Right??"

"I have a 30% chance, and that is with all the surgeries that I can take."

"He swallowed his spit hard, I could here it from where I was. "Jessie" I yelled after him, as he turned to leave my by myself in the hallway. "No"

"What do you mean" He repeated himself"

My big brother was my bestfriend, and I can't even imagine how this whole thing took a toll on him, but I know that I am not going to let him give up his education, and the life that he could have for me. They aren't going to waste all this money on me if I only have a 30% chance. It is like throwing money straight into the garbage.

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