Year One (A short Story)

One Direction Book!! Diagnosed with Cancer Kathleen who only has exactly one year to live meet a guy. He was so cute and charming, and funny. Only did she find out that he was part of the One Direction group. Faced with the time running out Niall tries to give Kathleen the year of her life, and tries to help her fight this!


1. Diagnosis

Sitting in a waiting room, my mother is holding my hand. How did I get here? I am only 16 years old.. this can't happen to me.. I have barely started to even live my life. My heart is pounding as I saw the doctor walk towards us with his clip board. I tried reading his face, but he made it almost impossible. I took a deep breath as my mom looked over at me, and took a deep breath in as I did, and squeezed my hand.

"Kathleen.. I am sorry but we found something in your X-Rays. You have Pancreatic Cancer. If you under go treatment for it, you have a year." He looked down at the ground, and walked back to the front desk. I felt my mothers hand slip from my grip. I looked over to see her face buried in her hands. She started crying, "No! Not my little girl!" She screamed out as she was on the floor. I didn't even stop to think about how I felt. It didn't feel real, I waited.. waited to wake up back in my bed, as if this was all a nightmare. I felt hollow, it doesn't even feel like this, this disease growing inside of me. How could I not notice it. I should have came sooner, this is my fault, my own stupidity has killed me.

"You are going to be fine babygirl, we are going to fight this you are strong, I know you can do this. I will be here for you through this whole thing. I will never leave your side." My mom said as she grabbed my face to make me stare at hers. I hadn't been moving. The next two hours three different doctors came in and explained the options that I had. There was a 30% chance that I would live threw this, that is if I decided to go threw with all the treatments, that I had available. Honestly I didn't even pay attention. "We don't have the money for this, we can't afford this, my brother needs all the money to go to college. If I am going to die anyways why should we waist all the money on me, when my brother, and family needs the education.

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