The Impossible, Possible

“You're going to fall for me,” he stated, eyes as cold as the ice statue in the next room. “And when you do, you're going to fall hard.”

If you've ever moved a day before your junior year of high school, you know it's not easy... at all. Moving away from your friends, your family members, your far less salient acquaintances, etc. What made it impeccably hard for Dawn Scott was moving away from her best friend Casey; her friend since the first grade. They did everything from playing in the mud, to beating each other in a pick-up game of soccer, to tracking turf into the house.

Now, Dawn has to survive the rest of high school without her partner-in-crime at her hip. It doesn't help that Sean Walters lives on the same cul-de-sac, just a few houses down to be precise. If only she could've been warned her worst nightmare was coming to life because of one single boy.

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1. Chapter One: A New Home

Chapter One: A New Home

Moving from your hometown to a foreign state is really hard to do. Really, really hard. Especially if the next day you were starting junior year, and didn't know anybody in that state. Not even a distant relative thrice removed. Not one. 

But that's not even the worst part. The worst part about moving was that a certain sophomore was in a particularly bad mood because he was just starting to fit in. Ha! Like Cameron could ever fit in. He's too much of a dirt head to fit in.

Dawn, you sure crack yourself up. 

Why yes, Conscience, I sure do. 

Ahem, anyways. I stared out the window longing to be back in Michigan. Longing to be able to play soccer in the snow in the winter. Longing to be home. I will not accept this hellhole as my “new home,” it's too... humid

Ew, was I sweating in the air conditioning? 

Who am I kidding, I'm always sweating.

Dear God, I know I used to always ask you to do things for me, but this time it's an emergency. Please don't make my life miserable by my mother forcing me to move to Florida. I haven't done anything wrong! I swear it! I pray every night like a good girl, and I go to church every Sunday. Just please, do not make me suffer from my mother's reckless choices. In Jesus's name, amen. 

I sighed and stared out the window again. 

As my mother pulled into the driveway of a large house my eyes widened. Since when did we have the money to buy this? 

I looked back at Cam, and his jaw was to the floor. We both looked over at mom with gaping mouths. 

“This is our new home,” she grinned at our reactions. This is amazing compared to the one story with a basement we had in Michigan. 

I fumbled for the door handle and grabbed the house key my mother had made for me. Running to the door, I jammed it into the keyhole and unlocked the door. Cameron was right by my side and was literally jumping up and down. When I opened the door, my eyes widened even more. 

The beautiful grand staircase was spilt into two sides on opposite sides of the foyer. Every room was painted beautifully and the staircase was made from mahogany. This had to have been a dream, there's no way we could afford to buy- not rent- this resplendent home. 

“I had your rooms painted specifically to your personalities, and I think you'll both enjoy them. Follow me, and I'll show you the way.” My mother made her way up the staircase and took a left. Cam and I followed closely behind. 

“Cam, this is your new room.” The door slowly creaked open to reveal a red, white, and blue painted room with the Yankee's logo painted in a large font on the front wall. A flat screen hung on his wall, and it was his dream room. 

“Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!” He ran into his room and jumped up and down like a little girl. He still was a child at heart. 

“No problem, sweetheart,” my mother chuckled and closed the door. 

“Is my room right across from his, because if it is-”

“No, it's on the opposite side of the house.” She- again- led the way. 

I followed behind her, casually taking peeks inside rooms on the way. That's when we stopped before a wooden door. My mom looked back at me and smirked. I reached for the handle and slowly opened the door. As I looked inside I nearly shrieked. 

My room was painted navy and red, and the U.S soccer logo was on the ceiling. I had a flat screen in the same place as Cameron's. The carpet was artificial turf and a rug in the center of the room was a soccer ball. This had to be the best room ever. 

“Thank you, mom,” I smiled at her. 

“No problem, honey. We also bought new furniture for your room, so your father should be coming with all of that soon.” 

More? I don't think I need more than this. 

“Now, go get your stuff from the car so you can unpack. The dresser is inside your closet,” my mom left the room. 

I walked downstairs and out to the car to grab my suitcases, but when I did I regretted it immediately. 

“Hey, you just move in?” Some guy, my age, approached me. 

He was eyeing me as he stalked towards me. His gray eyes peering down my body made me want to vomit. Although, his disheveled sandy brown hair and the dimples he had did appeal to me. I was a sucker for dimples. His muscular arms became more defined a he crossed them over his chest. 

“No, I'm just bringing boxes and suitcases into this house for no reason. Why do you care? Are you interested?” I teased.

“Would I be talking to you if I wasn't?”

“Too bad I'm not interested in you,” I scoffed.

“I beg to differ,” he smirked, making his dimples pop. 

“Oh really? Please, do tell.” I crossed my arms. 

“From the way you were just checking me out, I say you're interested.” 

I laughed in his face.

“You sound like a dying horse,” He mocked me. “The name's Sean Walters. Remember it.”

I scowled at Sean. I did not like him one bit, and I don't even know him. 

“And you are...?”

“Dawn Scott. Remember it,” I said, mocking him.

“Feisty aren't you?” Sean smirked. 

I rolled my eyes at him. 

“Dawn's a name you don't hear much anymore. You know why? Because it's quite an odd name.”

“I happen to like my name very much. Now if you'd excuse me I'd like to unpack.” 

I pushed past him and towards the car, but he grasped my forearm. I stared at his hand for a moment, feeling the heat expand in my arm. This was a new feeling, and to be honest I didn't like it one bit.

“You can leave now,” I told him, clearly aggravated. 

“Come on, Sunshine, don't get like that.” Sunshine? 

“First off, it's Dawn-” I ripped my arm from his grasp.

“Same thing.”

“-No it's not. Second off, I really don't like you,” I chuckled harshly. I pulled my suitcases out from the trunk and lugged them towards the front door. 

“You know you want this,” he motioned towards his body, whilst lifting his shirt slightly.

“No I don't,” I grimaced at him.

“Say what you want, but I know the truth,” he smirked.

“Leave me alone,” I walked around Sean. 

“Fine, but I'll be back later Sunshine.” He wiped the sweat beads from his forehead and walked off... and right into the house a few doors down. 

“Son of a bi-”

“Language!” My mother peeked outside the front door. 

“Bi-bi-biscuit.” Dammit, well this just officially got worse. 

“Who was he?” Cam stared in amazement at the next door house. He retrieved his suitcases from the back an followed me inside.

“Just some jerk,” I groaned and slowly pulled myself up the steps, luggage in hand.

“Do you think think he likes the Yankee's?” Cam asked from behind me. If I didn't know any better I would've  thought he was peeing his pants. 

I rolled my eyes and sighed. All that boy thinks about is baseball. But then again, all I think about is soccer, so... 

“Well, you're in luck. They said they'd be back later to mess with me,” I looked over my shoulder.

“Really?” His eyes widened with excitement.

“Yeah,” I was very monotonous. 

Approaching my door, I tuned the handle. Literally throwing my suitcases on the floor and puffed loose strands of hair from my face. 

My vital question is: how the heck did my parent get the money to afford this house? 

I haven't been informed on how we gained such a copious amount of money. I'm also positive Cam hasn't either. Why were my parents cloaking the reason behind this whole move?

I heaved my suitcase over to the closet and opened the door. Placing my suitcase on top of my dresser, I unzipped it. As I started unpacking, I checked the time because my stomach was growling. It was only 4:39, and my family eats dinner at 7:30. 

Life as a soccer girl: you're always hungry. Even if you just ate the biggest meal ever, in two hours you're going to be starving. 

It's been proven that soccer girls have larger stomachs than regular non-players. Not really, it should be proven. 

“Dad's here, he wants you to help him unload the truck.” Cam peeked inside my room. 

“Why can't you? You're the guy!” Do I even have to point it out? 

“Your legs are stronger. I'm going to hurt my back,” he made up some lame excuse. “Ever heard the saying, ‘lift with your legs’?” 

I swear to God, that boy is the laziest person on the earth.

I groaned and sauntered down the stairs. I was going to be sore tomorrow... great. 

“Hey, dad. Cam is being a dirt head, so I'm helping you,” I told him, as he opened the truck. 

“Are you sure, Sweetie? I could always get your moth-”

“It's fine, let's just get this over with.” 


“And we're done! How does it look, Shea?” My mother stared in amazement at the living room, kitchen, and foyer. 

I cracked my back and stretched out. God, my muscles are tired. Maybe I could eat something quickly and go to sleep. That would be good. Delightful even. 

“You did the guest rooms, Cam and Dawn's rooms, our room, the game room upstairs, and everywhere else?” 

My father and I both nodded. 

“It took awhile, but we pulled through.” We gave each other a high-five.

“It probably would've taken a shorter amount of time if Cam had helped us,” I said extra loud so he would hear me. 

My parents laughed at me as I grinned while he shouted something incoherent.

“Oh, you two need to shower very quickly. We're having dinner with the neighbors down the street to get to know them better.” 

My mouth fell to the floor. Please tell me it wasn't the neighbors three doors down on the right. Please, please, please-

“They both have a son your age, Dawn, you should get to know them.” 

No, there is no way I was ‘getting to know them.’ No way in Jesus' name I was going to get to- both? What did she mean both? 

“Back the truck up. We're having dinner with two other families?” My demeanor dropped. 

“Wear something nice, please,” my mother nearly begged me. 

My usual attire was a t-shirt and some soccer shorts with a pair of flip-flops. (Occasionally tennis shoes, but mainly flip-flops.) ‘Something nice’ to me was a nice Nike Pro v-neck with some jean shorts, and still a pair of flip-flops. If you're lucky, I'll wear my hair in a presentable bun. If you're lucky. 

“Fine, but what you get is what you get.” I headed towards the stairs. “No take backs!” I added quickly. 

I searched my semi-unpacked suitcase for the pair of white jean shorts I know are buried at the bottom. Luckily I fished them out, and grabbed my favorite purple Nike shirt with a turquoise Nike swoosh on the front and threw it on my bed. I then headed towards the bathroom for a much needed shower.

I stripped down and jumped into the shower. The pre-warm water felt amazing on my skin, but- unfortunately- I had to get ready. After quickly washing my body and hair, I jumped out and dried off. 

I wrapped the towel around my body and headed towards my bedroom. Only problem was that the Walter's and the unnamed family were already inside my home, staring up at my only towel covered body.

The no-name family's son blushed slightly and looked away, as I stood frozen in front of the two families, Cam, and my parents. Sean just stood there, staring at me. His mouth almost fell open, but he clenched his jaw to keep that from happening. 

That's revolting. He was nearly drooling over me. 

I waved slightly and greeted them before running off towards my bedroom. I quickly changed and didn't even bother brushing my hair, because for once it actually looked presentable. I left it down, and put on a pair of my favorite turquoise flip-flops.

My shirt hugged my curves, and the shorts showed off my thigh and calf muscle. I take much pride in my calves. 

I walked down the stairs and sat down in the dinning room... across from Sean. The teenage delinquents were shoved down at one end with me while the adults were at the other. I was the only girl out of the five teenagers and I was not happy about it. Five? Who was that guy sitting by Sean? Did he have a freaking brother, who was identical in personality to him? 


“Sorry about the... mishap earlier, if I would've known you were already here I would've taken the necessary precautions,” I apologized to the adults. 

One of the ladies with the crazy curls of sandy brown hair shook her head. “Don't even worry about it, darling. None of us were really looking at you.” 

“I was,” Sean smirked. 

I clenched my fists and held back punching him straight in the jaw. Although with how defined his jaw was, it'd probably cut me. Did I really just...?

“So Dawn, I heard you play soccer. Am I right?” The man sitting next to who I'm guessing is Mrs. Walters spoke. 

“Yes, sir, I've been playing since I was three year old.” Why would he ask? 

“Our little Sean plays, as well. You two could help each other, teach each other a few things,” Mr. Walters suggested. 

I forced a smile to hide the grimace making it's way to my expression. “I think that would be lovely. You?” I turned to Sean. 

Smirk and all, he said, “That would be enjoyable.”

“Alex plays too, all three of you can teach each other domes things.” The unnamed mother spoke.

“Where are our manners? I'm Todd McGibbins, this is my wife Georgia, and our son Alex.” A larger man said. He wasn't fat. I don't think there was an ounce of fat on him. He was very tall, and very lean. 

“I'm Maria Walters, this is my husband Dalton, and our two sons Sean and Spencer.” 

I waved at Spencer sincerely, and threw on a fake smile at Sean. He wiggled his eyebrows suggestively.

I hope he burns in a fire.

I looked over at the now named boy who basically had his head buried in his food. He's one shy kid, isn't he? 

“Maybe tomorrow he can give you and Cameron a ride to school. Save some gas,” Mrs. Walters said. 

Sean grinned evilly as he sat back in his chair and listened. I choked back an insult and smile widely. 

“That would be wonderful.” 

The dinner soon turned into a nightmare as my conversation with the adults ended and it became just adults. I picked at my food as I was not hungry anymore due to Sean Walters in my house. I really didn't like him already. I loathed him entirely. 

“Come on, Sunshine, you could at least make some snide comment about me. Converse with me,” Sean smirked. Dammit dimples. 

“I'd rather eat my feet,” I scowled. 

“Yeah, and she has a foot phobia.” Cam did not just tell him that. 

I looked at Alex and Spencer and they were both staring at me weirdly. Now they probably think I'm some freak of nature who is scared of feet coming within four feet of her. Perfect. 

“Foot phobia?” Sean repeated slowly. 

“Yeah, watch this.” Cam took his shoe off and started inching it towards me. 

I shrieked and jumped out of my chair. Thanks, Cam! You really are the best brother ever, don't ever change. Note the sarcasm. 

Now that I've attracted the attention of everyone at the table, I should make up some lame excuse. “Anyone want more to drink?” I cleared my throat. 

A few people raised their glasses, so I collected them all and headed into the kitchen. Lucky for me, Sean followed me. He watched me as I popped the cork to the wine bottle and poured it into his and my mother's glasses. 

“I really don't enjoy being watched, and I really don't enjoy being around you.” I looked up at him. It's like his eyes grabbed my gaze. 

It was nearly impossible to peel my eyes off of his, but I managed and released a breath I hadn't known I was holding. That was- strange. I didn't like it. 

“Don't do that again,” I muttered. 

He smirked and did it again. “What, this?” 

I ripped my gaze away from his and focused on the wine bottle in my hands. “Go suck a dick,” I growled.

His body tensed as he grabbed two glasses from behind me, feigning clumsiness and dumping the two glasses down the front of my body. 

“Whoops,” he shrugged.

“Bastard!” I said harshly, stomping out of the room. “Excuse me, but I should clean myself up a bit.” I strolled out of the dinning room, but the minute I knew they couldn't see me I started running. 

“Dawn, wait.” A foreign voice called after me. “Dawn.”

I turned around and didn't dare looking at whoever stopped me. I was too embarrassed to even speak. 

“Hey, um, don't- don't let Sean get to you. Uh, he's... he's just trying to bother you.” It was Alex. He scratched the back of his neck as he stared up at me. 

“I know,” I said. I started heading towards my room until he spoke.

“Wait!” I turned around to face him. “I- uh, I guess I could give, um, you a ride to school tomorrow. If... if you don't want to be in the same car as h-him.” I smiled slightly at his offer. “But only if you want to!” He added quickly. 

“I'd love that, thank you.” 

He was blushing and smiling sheepishly at the ground. “Okay, we'll I, uh, should probably get back.” 

I grinned at him and nodded, “yeah.” 

“I'll just-” he pointed towards the dinning room, “-go.” 

“Okay, see you in a sec.” I but my lip to stop the laughs from escaping. 

Alex was so nervous, it was quite funny... and adorable. I thought it was sweet of him to chase after me like that.

I sighed and jogged towards my room. I threw on a pair of navy soccer shorts and a white t-shirt from a tournament my club team in Michigan had won. I grabbed the hair-tie off my wrist and pulled my hair into a ponytail. 

I wiped the remains of the wine off my legs and headed towards the door.

I stopped and looked in the mirror, then shrugged. I put on a pair of indoors and headed back downstairs. As I entered the dinning room again, my mothers eyes widened at what I was wearing. 

I just smiled at her and sat back down. Cameron was chuckling beside me and Sean smirked. 

Cole leaned forward so only I could hear him. “You're a little rebel, aren't you?” 

“Don't even think you can talk to me after what you did,” I sat back in my chair and crossed my arms. 

Completely ignoring my comment, he went on, “You look better in that, anyways. It brings out your personality.”

“Oh yeah, and what can you tell from my personality by this?” I asked, a bit of a scowl hinting in my tone. 

He crossed his arms over his chest and sat back in his chair. “You are a major tomboy, you don't like nice clothes, you're a sarcastic little shit, you'd rather play in the mud than go shopping, you're a good soccer player, and you worship the Women's National Team.”

There I sat, like an idiot, staring at him in complete shock. He got every single fact right. 

“What the he-” 

“Language!” My mother scolded me before I even said anything.


“I'm amazing, I know. No need for applause,” he said. 

I rolled my eyes and scoffed. “You need applause for doing something as much as you need another hole in your head.” 

“Can't we all just get along?”
Spencer asked. 

“Are you a senior?” I turned my full attention towards Spencer.


“Oh, you and Cam are in the same grade.”

He just nodded.

“Do you play baseball?” Cam jumped in.

“Now is not the time for your fangirling, Cameron,” I sighed. 

“Actually, if I may add, I do play baseball. The Yankees are my favorite major league team,” Spencer answered. 

How about that? 

Cam's eyes sparkled with amusement as they went into a conversation about Derek Jeter. Man, I need to get that kid a girlfriend.


The rest of the night hadn't gone exactly as planned. I ended up accidentally flicking food at Sea , and he flicked food back thinking I had purposely done it. Right now, I'm cleaning up the dining room as a punishment. 

It was actually quite funny to see my mother with steam coming out of her ears. That was until she sent me up to my room until the Walter's left. It was worth ruining Sean's shirt and making both families leave earlier.

Cam walked in and laughed at me, scrubbing down the walls. “You could've avoided this if you just tolerated Sean. I don't see what's wrong with him,” he said.

I stopped scrubbing, “you just like him because his brother likes the Yankees.” 

“There's truth to that, but he truly seems like a cool guy.”

I couldn't disagree more. I know guys like him; bastards, douche bags, little shits are what they are. Not cool guys. They are the stereotypical guys that every girl at school is in love with. That's just how life is; full of stereotypical, clichéd, screwed up people. 

“He is not a cool guy,” I told him. 

“Whatever you say, but he's going to be spending a lot of time here. Get over you're little hatred towards him, and start liking him.” He went to leave the room but I stopped him. He turned leisurely.

“What do you mean he's going to be, ‘spending a lot of time here’? You better be joking, Cam, or I'll beat your ever living ass.” I narrowed my eyes at him.

“His parents are going to be vacationing in Europe for two weeks, so he's going to be here most of that time. Maybe even sleepover.”

Dammit, I'm screwed. He saw the chance, and he took it. Sean saw the chance to mess with me even more, and he took it. I'm so screwed.

I face-palmed and hit my head against the wall. Cam chuckled harshly and walked out of the room. 

Why me? I mentally groaned. To make matters worse, I had to start junior year tomorrow. Summer was officially over at twelve o’clock tonight, and my life was going to get worse. Is that even possible at this point?

Why couldn't Sean stay at the McGibbins? They've known him for- who knows how long! We've known him for a day! One day, people. 

This isn't even fair, this isn't right. He's going to harass me for the rest of my life. 

As I scrubbed the last of the mashed potatoes and gravy off the walls, I threw the sponge in the sink and washed my hands. 

My mother walked into the room and stood by my side. I shook some water droplets off my hands, and grabbed a paper towel to dry them. 

“Since when do we have the money to afford this, and personal painters, and brand new furniture?” I stared at my mom. 

She sighed and sat down at the kitchen table. I sat beside her and searched her eyes for an answer. Nothing. 

“Your father doesn't want me to tell you yet. He wants to wait until we're settled in.” 

I groaned, “well I guess I'll never know. I'm never going to ‘settle in’ because this isn't home. This place will never be home!” I marched out of the kitchen and upstairs before my mother could stop me. 

Thank god this door had a lock.  

I changed into my PJ's and and flopped onto my bed. I grabbed my phone off my bedside table and dialed Casey's number. I needed to hear my best friend's voice after everything that's happened today.

After three rings she picked up, “Hey, how's Florida? Any cute boys?”

“Um, not so great. I miss Michigan already. And yeah, there's plenty of boys. You'd specify them as cute, I specify them as delinquents,” I told her truthfully. 

“Are they really that bad?” She said.

“Yes, and the worst part is they equally live three doors down.” 

She gasped, “no way. You live right by boys? Do you even know how lucky you are?” She giggled. She's one amazing soccer player, but man, is she boy crazy. 

“Not the point, Case. Anyways, how are things there?” I asked. 

“Great, actually. I would say perfect, but my best friend moved to Florida so...” She trailed off. A sudden rush of guilt expanded throughout my veins.

“Stop, you're making me feel bad.” 

“Sorry, but it's true. How will I survive high school, now? I need my defense/midfield buddy,” she whined. 

“I know,” I sighed heavily. “Hey, maybe I could convince my parents to let me move back to Michigan and stay with my aunt.”

“That would be brilliant! We could be reunited again,” she laughed. 

“Second semester sounds good, right?”


We must've talked for hours making up a plan for me to move back. It was definitely worth it, though. It was a foolproof plan. I couldn't screw it up.

“Okay, well, I guess I'll talk to you later.”

“Okay, I love you,” I smiled to myself.

“Love you too, weirdo.”


And the call disconnected. I placed my phone on my bedside table again, and laid my head on my pillow. I didn't care what time it was, I was going to bed.

My hands hurt from scrubbing, and my head still hurt from my mother nagging me on for about three hours after the families left. I thought my ears were going to fall off if she talked any longer.

I looked over at my digital clock and my mouth dropped to the floor. It was 1:28 AM. My parents were most likely dead asleep, and Cam was probably watching an old baseball game. 

This is just great. I'm starting my junior year, and I know no one at the high school. This is just fucking fantastic. 

Thanks mom, dad. I appreciate you asking me and Cam if we wanted to move. Cause, you know, it'd be too hard to do. Yeah, we'd most likely say no, but we should've at least had a family meeting. 

I sighed and closed my eyes. Tomorrow was going to be a long day.



-How do you like this so far? I know it's not a lot to give feedback on, but it's something. Critique my work; tell me what I'm doing wrong; to be honest, to hear what I'm doing right doesn't help me. Thank you for reading, and I hope you continue.

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