Whodunnit at Burnwell Manor?

13 Everyday people came to play a game of mystery. The winner will walk off with a quarter of a million dollars. My name is Riffael Smithers but do call me Riffael, And I am the butler of this cursed estate. Even though I haven't met my Boss it has been made painfully clear that I must follow murderous orders or my life will be taken. In just a few moments our guest's will arrive to check in and never check out. But what they don't know is that the game is MURDER.

(Based on the show Whodunnit on ABC on Sundays at 8 pm)


2. Meet The Contestants

Meet Lauren

She is an Engineer 

(by the way I think Lindsey is the killer on the show)


Meet George

He is a Bar Trivia Host


Meet April

She is a TV Crime Reporter


Meet Daniel

He is an Ex- COP


Meet Cali

She is an Ex Beauty Queen


Meet Dominic

He is a Writer


Meet Danielle 

She is a Cardiac Nurse


Meet Kanaan

He is a Homeland Security Attorney


Meet Melinda

She is a Flight Attendant


Meet Ray

He is a Bounty Hunter


Meet Sarah

She is a Journalist 


Meet Ulysses

He is an Attorney

(The only reason I put his name down Is because I was looking on google for boys names that start with U and i got some weird names so I decided to keep his name)


 Meet Sharlene

She is an Ex NFL Cheerleader










So those are the Contestants who do you think is the Killer?


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