vampire teen

vampire teen is group of teen who go to high school and find out they vampire teen


2. group call teen vampire

i woke up and went to school me kya and my antoher friend went to class but do not see alex . kya say he may be in wood . i say do you want go and look find. him . kya say hell no i no he my friend but the why he act and wood by hit is not righ. i say pleause . kya said but if somehting happen it not my fail. i say oh ok. kya start wallk and say what  about school. i say let leave now . kya ok . then we went to wood we see him he was shine . kya what if he died .i say no . kya say why we have blood and shine. i siad i think we vampire . kya say push stop it. i say no it not a joke or friend and me and or vampire . kya say that i could  eat meal. yeah . so  what. i say we take alex at school and take to docthor . kya say why docthor because if teacher see us he think we kill him or something that why kya say or ok. i say call antoher friend. she say what antoher you know sare eirk. oh them oh ok. and how do you know they vampire too cuz they ture 16 same as us . oh ok kya call them as soon. and then we was tallk i told sara and eirk what we or . sara oh if we vampire what or power . i said idk yet but i sure we or vampire and i call or group vampire teen, kya,sara,eirk,alex say yes but how we know what power what can do about them .i say let go lirbery today and we see. about that.

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