vampire teen

vampire teen is group of teen who go to high school and find out they vampire teen


3. get start

and that how it start frist we went liberty i see boy with sun glass and by a dake spot like use i went to tell why we have sun galss he say i can tell you why . he said leave me alone. i said you vampire do not be scared we or too or name is jenny me , alex,kya,sara,eirk . is aid how about you he say max. well i say welcome to the group . he say what group. or group the vampire teen. he ok. and we tallk he said i know all power and all we know .then we new if we do not wear sungalss we will burn. i said i hate be but i am one he say yes . i know all you teen. i said how. because you baby for queen of vampire who die year ago. what say everone. he say we or sister and bother. he we too. i say yes or dad do not love use he put use and trash and nice people pick each of you and make you daugher or son . how do you if we or real  bother or sister cuz everyday moon is fall are eye ture blue i say oh ok. but he said not all there group who or evil and look like all of you. how . he say or dad and his power same kids that he thew and trash for mother could not know but she new and died by her sades .so we good vampire righ yes. so then we chang by every nigh.

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