Spongebob and Sandy story

A love story about Spongebob Squarepants and Sandy Cheeks


3. First Date


"Ok the limo is here I got my flowers the reservation set ok lets go to pick up Sandy." Where may miss Cheeks house be." said the fancy dirver " " 151st  rose street." "ok.....uh oh Mr. Squarepants i will be your driver Lawrence." "Nice to meet you after we pick up Sandy we will be going to Sublime Seafoods." "Very good sir lets good."



Knock Knock Knock " I will be there in a minute." said Sandy from inside "ok you can do this check your breath minty you will be fine." thought Spongebob "Hi Spongebob." said Sandy in a Red dress with high heals and red lipstick "Wow Sandy you clean up nice." " Well thank you wow you went all out with the limo." " Well I want everything perfect for a perfect girl and these are for you." Spongebob hands her the flowers "Oh thanks for the flowers and that was very sweet lets go


"Wow this is a nice limo." said Sandy looking around  "yeah." said spongebob "Hows work?" "good but I was late for work so Mr.Krabs docked $50.00 pay from my check this week." "That sucks." "Yeah." then the front glass opened "We are here Mr. Squarepants. I will be waiting here for you." "Thanks Lawrence go get something to eat I will phone you when done." "Thank you sir." 


"Table for two reservation Squarepants." "ahhhh Mr. Squarepants we have been expecting you right this way." "Oh Spongebob this amazing."said Sandy looking around  "This is your table your waiter will be here shortly." "Thank you."said Spongebob and Sandy at the same time Sandy was just about to sit down when "Let me get that." he pulls the chair out and Sandy sits down "Why thank you." said Sandy with a smile just then the waiter comes "HI I'm Joshua can I start you off with anything to drink?" "I will have water and the lady will have water to." said spongebob looking at the menu  "okay I will bring them right out and for your main course?" "I will have salad." said Sandy "Me to" "ok coming right up."said Joshua " Lets get to know each other" said Sandy "Ok what do you want to know." "Well what about your family?" "well I'm a only child my parents live in downtown bikini bottom. What about your family?" "I have a older brother Randy he and my ma and pa live in Texas." just then the dinner came they ate and then the bill came and they left and got back in the limo where will we be going now sir?" "Back to Sandy's house." said spongebob  when they reached Sandy's house "I had a wonderful time tonight." "Me to lets do this again sometime." "yeah we will." then they had a long passionate kiss "goodnight Spongebob." "Goodnight Sandy." then sandy walked into her house and spongebob got in the limo and went home.

Authors Note: Good so far maybe what did you guy think please write a comment 

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